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🌕 Stonehenge Phenom Record Eclipse 🌑

Limited First Edition "DEVIL AN ANGEL - 10" Vinyl EP and digital now available. Produced by famed Mario Caldato, Jr. Check out the "Stonehenge Phenom Story", Stonehenge cover and label artwork. Witness the seemingly impossible while listening to the new title track. Another Stonehenge phenom is born! Digital sales, bonus artwork, lyrics included. Hope you have as much fun as I did creating the project with Mario, Dr. James Macho and Pat. Your generous support helps to make all this possible. Thank you! Love, Chuck

Click on my profile Custom module: https://chuckbrunicardi.bandcamp.com

Digital sales also available on iTunes, Amazon, and most on-line digital distributors.

May Day! May Day!

New EP "Devil An Angel" produced by Mario Caldato. Pre-announcing release soon! Get ready, get set for a new sound. Thank you so much for your appreciated continued support. Love, Chuck

Dear Friends,

After 30 years in the making, I finally produced (in my spare time), a CD of my music in late 2013. The CD is a homage to my Mom and Dad, as almost all of the songs are about them and the family. Dad actually wrote "Waiting For Mail" in 1943 in a WWII combat bunker. My Mom got to hear it in November when I visited her; she always loved my music and was my biggest fan. We got started with digitizing my cassettes for my 50th birthday nearly 10 years ago. The seminal event resulted in my sister, Pat, and I downloading the music to websites like Carbon Logic and Reverbnation. It was through Reverbnation that Mark Dearnley, the producer and engineer, heard the music and approached me to produce the CD. Patrick Davis is not only a fantastic artist but helped co-produce too.

Legendary Dan Dugmore is playing all electric guitars and pedal steel and is amazing. The main websites are now up and running and the CD "Where Sunset Meets The Beach" is now available. You can listen to each track on that website. Reverbnation play list contains my earlier acoustic works. A video of the recording session in Nashville, completed in two days during a brief vacation break in 2013, is also on Youtube. Continued recording in LA. We have downloaded an acoustic version of "Never a Father - acoustic double EP" for a free download on Bandcamp that also tops my playlist here on RN. The CD was nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in Music. My sister, Pat, is helping to manage all of this and serves as my music supervisor. Hope you like it. Thank you. Love, Chuck

Fruit of the Legion of Loom
Fruit of the Legion of Loom  (over 3 years ago)

A fantastic life/music story. Thirty years! I thought 15 years to get our first cd out was quite a story. A sincere wish of continued success with your music and medicine. Thanks for dropping by our RN page.
Take care...Wendell


"WHERE SUNSET MEETS THE BEACH" Nashville Studio © 2013 Chuck Brunicardi

Please enjoy the highly anticipated debut album by Dr. F. Charles Brunicardi. It's where Jersey Shore Sound meets Nashville Sound to create the Palisades Sound. This video was filmed in Nashville recording sessions in late 2013.

Chuck also recorded in Los Angeles for CD "WHERE SUNSET MEETS THE BEACH" and "WHERE SUNSET MEETS THE BEACH - Acoustic Double EP (digital).

He is deeply honored to be nominated for a Pulitzer Prize in Music.

The plan is to re-invest a portion raised for Chuck's pioneering cancer research.

To increase awareness of rebuilding the Jersey Shore, he included "Joey" on his debut album.

Perhaps our Leonardo da Vinci of the 21rst Century will also help conquer cancer and diabetes. Please read the new interview out by UMag for more details. Stay tuned for a most exciting journey!

Many thanks for your kind support and encouragement to make these works possible.

Music as Medicine is home... Patricia ♥

moved to LA

enjoying my new position in LA, especially Venice & Palisade beautiful areas. Thank you to everyone in Houston for amongst the best years of my life.

JERRY LEE SURBER ©™  (about 4 years ago)

Congrats Chuck........never give up on your dreams!!!