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Along came a stranger...

Well, looks like we've finally crossed over into the land of Reverbnation and you know what, it looks alright!

I'm going to make a determined effort this year (think of it as a late New Year's resolution) to keep on top of all of this online business so please don't hesitate to drop me a line if you've got any opinions, idea's or ways we could make it better!

In the meantime, what's happening in the Asunder camp? Weell, we're gigging the Bristol circuit, looking to get some outer city gigs and meet new people, writing, recording, often slapping ourselves for getting little done due to the enticing Goddess that is "alcohol", and we've also got some exciting photoshoots coming up; think dawn of the Asunder.

So please recommend us to your mates, check out our music, add us on facebook, myspace, twitter, come round to our house and have a beverage and those cheesy nibble things and just enjoy yourself!

Cheers all, hope you have a day full of tweed and moistness,

Lew Heaven Asunder

And remember...