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New Management

October's been a great month so far! We are excited to announce we have new management through MSH Management-Marney Hansen. We are looking forward to great things! Keep rocking with us!! D Hurst

Congratulations and many thanks

Music is my passion, it makes every day or a passing moment all worthwhile! Eric and I can't say thank you enough for sharing our music and passion with your friends! A special thank you goes out to this month's Street Team Mission winner...Julie Hurst You rock! We will be mailing your prize! We couldn't do it without you! Thanks also to Sherry Hurst for all your efforts with bringing attention to The Hursts via sharing links, spreading the word, and heading up our Media & Press Relations. Thanks to Drew Miller for introducing our music to a new generation of fans!

A big thanks to Jackie Birtles and Dave Kaos from the Street Team. Special thanks to Krista Brown and Kasy Apostalovski for bringing your peeps. A shout out to the East coast to Christy Allen for New York, New York....keep spreading the news... ha ha ha (okay, too easy to make a cheap musical reference here)

We love you guys and really do appreciate all that you are doing. We miss you Stacy. Hurry home we have big work to do!!

We will rock another day,

Donna & Eric

When I Lay Me Down

We just released the new single "When I Lay Me Down" . You may have heard part of the song in Episode 8 of Fumbling Thru the Pieces-the song seamlessly fits Ellie and Vince's situation.

Marcella DuChene wrote a beautiful letter of apology from one spouse to another, apologizing for the craziness in her world. She can't seem to say or find the words but feels them so deeply none the less. I crafted the idea of the letter into a song and Eric helped me put the music together. Maybe it is how or where we were raised but the song takes us back to a simpler time in life maybe back to Effingham, or Marcella's Redford Township, and Illinois and friends we group with and a family we adore....I don't know if I can really explain..but we were so touched when we heard the final mix.. we cried..a good cry...a connected cry...maybe mourning the passing of youth and other times or maybe just remembering it fondly. At any rate, Marcella and Eric and I hope you enjoy listening to it half as much as we enjoyed writing and recording it.

Til next time,


Jackie Birtles
Jackie Birtles  (over 6 years ago)

I LOVE, LOVE , LOVE this song now when can I buy it??? Wishing you all huge success and happiness! Love ya!

Jump on my Harley head out to the road

What a week! Yo do you feel it in the air! Things change..it just keeps getting better.

We are working on two new songs and are also working on playing some dates.

We will keep you posted! I will be streaming our new release I've Got A Secret It's a gritty bluesy southern rock with a drop of country..check it out!!

What Momma don't know can't hurt!

It's getting Wild!

Eric and Ian and I will be in the studio tomorrow night recording tracks for a new song for the CD. Hopefully we will finish all of the tracks within the next few days. We are getting closer to putting out that CD. We just started writing another tune as well. You guys are the best and we appreciate all the support!

Keep Rockin


The Hursts

Okay, we cheated... we got together last night to work on the new song so we could do NOTHING today. Not a bad plan...I'm just saying..somebody has to think of this stuff! It is pouring down rain so I am going to have lunch, pick up firewood and veg-out

Oh- My -God,


The Hursts

Eric and I will try to work in the AM tomorrow on a new song we will be adding to the CD. You know weekend mornings are rough as hell. Wake up and kill my alarm clock-my clock's name is Moshi and sometimes she just drives me crazy...short trip. This new tune is a song that was inspired by Eric reflecting on a friend and how things are wild then we all grow up...I still like it wild....I'm just saying...anyway I think you'll like it. It really takes you back to earlier times and wilder nights.

for now,


the Hursts

We have released the single "Fumbling Thru the Pieces" on itunes in 7 countries. This is the theme song to the new web series of the same name. You really have to check out the web series on Youtube.com or www.fumblingthruthepieces.com

We have been having a blast in the studio. We are putting together our CD now while we have also been writing and recording songs for the series. Eric is a crazy man---I love him!!