The Goldwyn Experiment / Blog


Well the EP seems to be done now, just waiting on the printing company dudes to print it and all the rest and the physical copies shall be here!!!

There will only be a limited amount, actually very limited amount 20Cds are being done tomorrow and there's only 19 left already so we might be make upto 100 but let's see what the demand for it is!

Now gonna take a break and promote the EP in Finland and Sweden over the next week, by that i mean i will be getting wasted in the Bars in Finland and Sweden and ramble about the "Goldwyn Experiment"

Will get started on the Album right after and the next Single "Addiction" is already in production and i think it's pretty intense already!!




The first single Fadin Away will be released 4th March 2011

Finally got approval for the pics for the CD Cover now just waiting for the graphic designing and a little magic work on the vocals in the studio on Wednesday...

Meanwhile i've uploaded "To be Continued..." until Fadin Away comes along, enjoy!