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And now for something completely different ~

I knew it was a hit song when the bartender dropped a cleaning cloth to applaud during sound-check... the nightclub was dimly lit as we tested our keyboard equipment for a performance later that evening. The bartender walked over as "Cupid's Arrows" began chiming through the PA speaker, she seemed almost mesmerized...

The following morning, we returned our stage gear to a nearby warehouse whereupon the drummer remarked, "Wasn't it sorta weird... y'know, how that bartender was clapping at the sound check?"

I responded, "It's weird that you haven't realized yet the huge commercial appeal of this tune... just sit quietly and listen to the strings and orchestral sequences..."

As I reached over to ignite the keyboard, the music spilled from large, stereo speakers and Donny sat motionless, hearing for the first time ever the subtleties, counterpoint & harmonies that he never before noticed ~

And Donny wept.

"I'll kill ya, if you tell anyone..."

I laughed at the irony of his idle threats because Cupid's Arrows was first invented to be a suicide note, quite seriously...

Inspired by the crushing defeat which followed yet a bigger crush I had on a cute guitarist, her rejection led to my self-loathing... and as I contemplated the means for my destruction, it suddenly occurred to me, "I'll need a suicide note..." So, I grabbed a crayon and wet nap to begin scrawling, "I don't want to live this life 'cause this world is so unkind ~ and though I may try my best, I've still got cupid's arrows in my chest again..."

A decision to make the note poetic was simply for sake of being snarky... however, a melody came to mind as I was writing my "goodbyes" which led to concerns that nobody might ever hear this beautiful, symphonic-pop masterpiece if I did the awful deed...

So, I made a solemn promise to the universe that I would produce Cupid's Arrows first before ending my life... vanity wins again!

Of course, what followed thereafter seemed to be a genuine curse by Cupid himself ~ a series of comical mishaps with musicians, studio engineers & equipment... all of which prevented my very solemn promise from being kept for many years... and thankfully so, the statute of limitations ran out with my suicide pact as we've just completed the video & song production in late December ~ finally, the curse of Cupid has been lifted in 2016 and a remastered version is now available on Amazon, Google Play & iTunes ~




Watch a music video featuring "Cupid's Arrows" on Facebook @ www.fb.com/TcHQ7.82

· YouTube · ·〷──► https://youtu.be/9m-dj3Kf32c

Happy Valentine's Day..!;^)

Next Stop, Hong Kong `/;^p

They say "travel broadens the mind..." so, I've been getting a damn good stretch this year ~ not home for even a week and I am graced once more with a ticket to ride... this time, it's the Far East where demographics reveal our greatest concentration of fans seem to dwell ~ und zo, mit camera & ukelele in hand, I go in search of the world's most challenging sushi bar... wish us luck! ;)

Going Back To Cali ~

Next week, I'll be flying to San Francisco to catch up with old friends and visit Putah Creek... a shady lil' spot from my illustrious childhood where I first received lessons on how to bait a fishing hook with salmon eggs... my teacher will join me for this long-overdue trek 'cross country, a bona fide father/son reunion in that place where I bagged my first rainbow trout... I am totally stoked ~ and as if THAT weren't enough, we'll be joined by a dear friend & musical partner from my earliest days in the biz ~ Dr. Krescendo will be gracing us with his ginormous aura & presence... so, really huge thanx to Carol & Penny Lane for making this reunion happen + more poop when I get back ~ another former associate, Ol' Tim Cole is in the hizzy, y'all..! Be sure to read the follow-up @ https://www.facebook.com/TcHQ7.82 ~ peace out! `/;^p

Happy Holidays..!

I'll be steering the wagons westward to Fort Collins next week... looking forward to NYE with great friends & music ~ more from Mooresville, Indiana shortly..! ;)

~ Time Flies When Having Fun ~

Just getting back into the studio with a new producer who was honored most recently for his work on a Grammy-nominated album... nice! `/;^) We're having a blast exploring old demos for ideas to complete unfinished song projects... may even have to share a few with ya, kFolks ~ details soon to follow..!;'p