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Bringing REAL RNB back

BenjaminG is a man of many words. Full of knowledge from many trials in his life he is able to express everything through his music. As A singer and songwriter for only a years time he has excelled tremendously not only as a artist but a man. His smooth and intellectual way of writing and old school feel to his music is what the RNB genre has truly been lacking. Since he was 5 he always wanted to become a famous singer. Not for the glamor glitz or fortune but to help others. He has always had a big dream of leaving a large impact on the world. His plan once he reaches his first 1 million album sales is kept secret until the time comes but it will make the world truly a better place. As a God fearing man full of positive energy and a father of a wonderful little girl he is driven beyond no end to bring RNB back to when it was about the music.



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My Promise: ”I plan to bring back what has been lost througout the change of times in music. Substance, healing, and that realness is what I am all about. Please tell your friends and loved ones. Soon real RNB will be back. “