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A simple Hello

Just wanted to say hello to all the new friends an fans that have made there way to my site.. I've been gearing up writing new material for an up coming solo album. A mixture heavy blues rock, hard rock an heavy metal..Seems that a little more heavy metal then anything else.. But im having a good time riffin out an coming to terms with the music I've been hearing im my head.. Hoping to have some samples on here very soon.. Love Smokin Tony Z...

Becoming Hungry Again!!

Ive been taking a break the last few weeks gathering up some steam to do something meaningful. I've become hungry again.. Getting excited to do something special. I've talked to a few players about my vision seems like everybody understands where im gonna try to go.. Love it! Cant wait to give it a try not sure how its gonna go or how its gonna end but im sure its gonna be a hell of a journey..Love Smokin Tony Z..

Sandy's Rage

I just wanted to send my best regards to all the people who are suffering from sandy's rage!! Keep the faith do the best that you can we all are pulling for you all!! Take care of yourselves a be safe.. I love you all.. Love Smokin Tony Z...

Tonight's The Night!

Tonight The iron Core banned invades Jimmy's place in Allentown Pa The band Has been ready to Kick Ass Guitars are screaming To be abused its on For tonight!! Cant Wait Armed Loaded an ready!! Love Smokin Tony Z...

I've Finally got songs posted!

Thats right folks with alot of help from Jimmy the singer guitarist in my band Iron Core Banned he has helped me get the songs on here please take a listen an leave a comment if you like it.. Thanks Love Smokin Tony Z \m/~~\m/

Check this out?

Im havin a major issue with getting my music on this page. Thanks Love Smokin Tony Z...

Im Here I have Arrived

Whats goin on my friends just wanted to blog how excited I am to have my own site!! Not sure how this works yet But im gonna learn..if you got any good info im all ears.. Love you all thanks Smokin Tony Z