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Its been a long Time

So Here I am it has been a long time since I've Blogged … I've Been in an out of iron Core banned the 2nd time Not very happy about the results there but with that behind me Im getting ready to venture on with the next project.. Staying true to what i believe in an doing what I do do best creating good original Music with a some what bluesy edge.. I got a great supporting crew around me writing from the heart again finally. Got promoters calling many shows being offered for the summer gonna do a couple of warm up shows in the next few weeks… Im just very grateful to have special people wanting to be a part of this. Cant wait to get out there an rock out.. Some new tunes doing some old an even redoing some super old.. Cant wait to express myself this time around a lot has be going on an trust me there's a story for every new song… Nothing new is coming from the Well its all coming from the heart.. Hope to see you all out an there.. And Thank you so much for your support I love you All…. Love Smokin Tony Z..\m/~~\m/.…….

Thank You Smokin Tony Z Band

Thank you Everyone !! The smokin Tony Z band Had a great time being on the bill for Michale Graves.. I'd like to thank Brian From Fury within.. Chapter 31 An Michale Graves.. We had a Blast an thank you for making the The Smokin Tony Z's band 1st Time out memorable.. We Hope to see everyone very soon in the future.. I'd Like to send out a special thanks to Ed the Monster for filling inn on drums for the show with out you we couldn't have pulled this off Love you Bro!!!.. As To all our new friends an Fans The Smokin Tony Z Band With new Bass player Mark Ferraro an Vincent james By my side I'm sure your gonna love whats up Next!!! Love All of you Dearly Smokin Tony Z...\m/~~\m/..

The Smokin Tony Z Banned

Thats right were back Jim Enea an new bass player Mark the Animal an some great new players are getting ready to prowl the stages once again lol.Our 1st show will be on the bill with Michale graves from the Misfits Were honored to have another opportunity to share the stage with him.. We are very excited an can't wait to bring our own brand of blues rock this time around. Cant wait to see all our great friends at this event.. Love Smokin Tony Z.. Keeping it real as ALWAYS!!!!!

Getting Ready to Roll

Getting Ready To Roll Again!! After doing some needed recording an taking a short rest!! Im Ready to start rolling again Cant wait to get out in front of the crowds this summer.. Cant wait to meet an great All the new friends an fans we have made..2013 has already started off on a great note.. I'm hoping to chat with everyone. Love you All. See you ALL very soon.. Love Smokin Tony Z....

Rockin & Rollin.

I've Been Rockin & Rollin for over 25 years having a good time an I'm just loving every minute of it.. Gonna start writing all new music with some of my friends I've grown to love Everyone in my little circle Keep rocking everyone. an don't be a stranger stop by My page an say hello.. Love Smokin Tony Z....

Having A Blast!!!

I'm having A Blast listening to all the great bands that are Adding me.. Thank you So Much.. You Guys are all great ! Love it.. Keep rocking out an Keep InRuinz In Mind We are Working On Heavier stuff as well as some bluesy material too.. An Were even trying our hand at some progressive stuff too Thanks to Dennis an Carl..Jimmy has been working Hard on what he does best Im sure your gonna love it.. InRuinz loves you ALL!!!!

Take A listen

Take a listen of Had to Go A song written by Jim Enea The singer an guitarist of our band InRuinz . Its the 1st song that was finished on our demo.. The rest of the songs are in final mix downs an mastering.. Im just asking take a listen an leave a comment good or Bad it's all good.. InRuinz will be back Out July 5th hope to see all our N.J friends there.. Love you All T.Z


I went into the studio thursday night Did my rhythms went very well. Did a test lead decided to wait until Sunday. I'll be ready workin on some new songs an Im excited to be playing with these great group of guys.. It's the sky or bust!! Love you All Love T.Z

Back from Jersey

Yep were back from Jersey Nikki had to go to the doctor Been having chest pain A whole mess of tests Doctors are good for nothing lol.. No good news we'll have to see whats next for her..As for as my black Cruise guitar that I broke being an idiot @ The Michale Graves show its been Fixed thanks Therlin You saved my ASS AGAIN. It's good to have my favorite weapon back... Workin on new stuff waiting to get back in the studio to do my parts Im inching to make some noise Inruinz will be back out as soon as the songs are finished Love you All Love Smokin Tony Z......

Great Show..

Great show!! Inruinz had our 1st show an it was a hit!! Special thanks goes out to Fury within Chapter 31 these 2 bands kicked some butt glad we had a chance to share the stage with them.. And of Coarse very Special Thanks To Michale Graves an His band..We really enjoyed the night an the love that Everyone shared was unbelievable. Michale is a real down to earth entertainer an I enjoyed our chat. Chapter 31 is a great young band go see them.. Fury within was excellent. Overall Inruinz Kicks some butt. I would like to thank every single person that came out last night. I tried to thank everyone I'm sure I didn't get to everyone. Thank you all an I'll be seeing you ALL Very Soon!! Love Smokin Tony Z...