Song Blog Post # 11: Wright This Rong

This song is the un-hidden hidden track that we close the album with. It's a stripped down acoustic song that just features vocals and guitars. No bass and no drums. It is something completely different for the Flynt. But it is a catchy tune, if I do say so myself. In Decemember of 99', I approached Glenn with a song that I had written. I wanted the song to be an acoustic piece and he liked the idea. We recorded Glenn's acoustic and then I laid down two vocal tracks. Glenn iced the song with with an electric lead. It wasn't a big production number, but we were pretty happy with the song. Fast forward eleven years and we are wrapping up the recording of "Ten Years Later". I was really hoping that we could include this song on the album. The problem was our old analogue recordings from the decade before were just un-useable. We were up against the wall with our recording schedule, but Jerricho was sure that Glenn and I could record this song quickly, just like in 99'. Actually it was very much like the original recordings, in that, both the guitars and the vocals were recorded in one evening. I call this song; my ballad for the screw up. I think that many people can relate. Sing it if you know it... "Can I right this... Can I wright this rong" Rock On! Jeff

Song Blog Post # 10: Look Out World, Here Comes Junior

"He Made things happen, Made you believe Got people asking; What can Junior do for me" This is the last "official" song that we wrote for the "Ten Years Later" album. Most of the music, however, was written when Glenn and I got together for the original "Scars" recordings.(see blog post # 7) We were setting levels and Glenn started playing these cool riffs. We decided to record the idea. I can't tell you how many song ideas are just gone because we didn't get them recorded! Glenn burned the idea to CD and it didn't take long before I had written the lyrics and had the basic song structured. It's funny that this song has become our first single and yet the song idea sat on the back burner for months. When we finally got around to putting the song together, we really didn't actually have the chorus music written. I had a pretty good idea what I we needed though.I was trying to explain it to Dean and he said,"Okay that's cool but what is we did it like this...". He crunched up the idea and made it a perfect fit for our song. Glen came up with another cool riff for the post chorus and we had a song. Again, I handed the words to Brad and he just nailed it vocally. It's a pretty popular song in our fold. It rocks and it's catchy. That's the reason we chose it for our first single. The source for the song came from a "Making a Difference" Brian Williams new feature that showed an inner-city youth center. This place focused on under privileged children that encouraged their imaginations thru comics (something else I love) These kids would write and draw their own comics. Sometimes they even made costumes of their created characters.The closing scene of the segment showed a boy, dressed up as his character, Junior. He was in long johns and a cape. He was being held by an adult volunteer. The boy was acring like he was flying and he had a huge smile on his face. Brian Williams closed the segment by saying,"Look out, here comes Junior" It stuck with me. See I believe in Faith, Hope and Love.I also believe that Kindness and Goodwill can change the world, one little step at a time. Rock On! Jeff

Song Blog Post # 9: Ride!

This song is a product of our first reunited Flynt Friday night jam session on 4/8/11. We typically don't do Friday nights because while they are fun, they tend to be be pretty unproductive. This Friday jam was quite the exception. We came up with some cool ideas that have sparked a couple of songs. One of these tunes is Ride! (the other one will probably be on a forthcoming album). Ride! Is one of those songs that I just love. It's the type of song that I tend to gravitate to on my favorite albums. This song is an up-tempo double bass rocker that has Dean busy laying down a double time bass line and Glenn is just scorching the guitars. The song also gives Brad a chance to throw out some old school screams as well. This song just flat out rocks! The song was originally inspired by the post civil war vigilantes; the Bald Knobbers. Their story is a cool one, so I would encourage anyone reading this to go to Wikipedia and look these guys up. (Don't confuse these guys with the silly Baldknobbers jamboree in Branson). I wanted to write a song about these guys but let's face it the Bald Knobbers is just not a cool name. The more I thought about it, I chose to put these yester-year vigilantes into a steampunk fantasy land. It's a perfect setting for a heavy metal song. I am pretty happy with the "world" that's been created in this song. As a matter of fact I would like to write a sequel to this song, using these same themes. Who knows maybe we'll have a triolgy when all is said and done. "We Ride!" This album is getteing very close to being released. We can't wait to share this music with you! Ride On! and Rock On! Jeff

Song Blog Post # 8: Charlotte

This is purposely going to be a short blog. I think that it's kind of fitting. One afternoon, last spring, I got a call from the riffmaster, Glenn. He said that he had come up with some pretty cool ideas for a song. He had burned a CD of these ideas and wanted me to give them a listen too. I brought it home and loved what I heard. It kind of had a punk kind of flavor in a Mammoth Flynt kind of way. After listening to the song a couple of times I thought, "I'm going to write a song about a monster". The fact that the monster became a woman, just evolved as the creative juices flowed. The next day I e-mailed everyone in the band the lyrics to our newest song,"Charlotte". The next time we practiced, we esentially had the song figured out. This is the quickest we've ever written a song. Neither the guitar parts nor the lyrics were anything anyone had been working on. This just kind of "happened". For those playing the at- home trivia game, my original name for this song was "Sarah". One of the problems with that is, one of the best friends of the Flynt is named Sarah and as far as we know, she is nothing like the woman in our song. I probably spent as much time trying to coming up with a name, as I did writing the lyrics of the song. I went with Charlotte and I think it's got a nice ring to it. "They found her dancing in the sand. She had a hatchet in her hand. There was blood in the van You better watchout cause this is how Charlotte plays" We consider all our songs, our children. Charlotte is our little girl... consider yourself lucky if she just hurts you. Rock On! Jeff

Song Blog Post # 7: Scars

In an earlier blog I stated that We Had A Day was a fan favorite. The only song that may be a bigger fan favorite is "Scars". It is the most drastic musical change for the Flynt. This song has quite a history; it started as a homework assignment! Brad's oldest son, Aaron, had a school project in which they were asked to do a report on the book, "Lord of the Flies" by W.Golding. Part of this assignment, was that they were to put music to this report. Most kids grabbed songs that fancied the LOTF themes. Aaron took a different route, instead of searching his CDs and music files, he went to his Dad and asked if the Flynt would record an original piece of music for the report. We had never done a hopmework gig before so of course we had to say "yes". It ended up being one of the best decisions we've made as a band in the song writing aspect. Glenn, Brad and I got together one evening to play around with some ideas and record them for the project. To say that Glenn brought his "A" game is an understatement! We knew that in the beginning we wanted something soft an mellow that would represent the civilized children. Glenn started playing this incredibly haunting piece on his guitar. We knew this was a keeper. The second stage of the song was to have a tribal feel to represent the children as castaways. It was almost by accident that I started playing a tribal beat over Glenn's haunting piece. It worked perfectly. The next phase of the song needed to represent the chaos that ensued in the story. Glenn brought out the heaviest "make-the-face" riff in the history of the Flynt. This piece crushed! We ended up with a pretty diverse three minute instrumental. I am not sure what Aaron got as a grade, but we got a great song idea out of the venture. When we got Dean in the mix we brought the song to the next level. As we've recorded with Jerricho he has added some keys, violins and other orchestra pieces... another Flynt first. We originally called this song "Flies". I wrote the lyrics one afternoon but I wasn't inspired to write about shipwrecked children. My original title for this song was, "These Scars I Wear". As we continued to practice and work on the song, everyone called it "Scars" and it stuck. I'm blown away at how popular this song is. So many people have interpreted the lyrics to mean so many different things and that excites me that they are making the song their own. I'm thinking about back-masking the real inspiration of the song at the end of the song, but we'll see. We can't wait to share this song with you. I'll leave you with the chorus; "These scars I wear, brought on by you. These marks I bear, I paid what's due." Rock On! Jeff

Song Blog Post #6: Pluto

"There's no way you will see Think I live in make believe Thought I was in the group Keep me out of the loop Was it something that I said Acting like we never met Something that you need to know You treat me like I'm Pluto" I've developed a deep rooted disdain for the smarter-than-thou scientists, who declared that Pluto was no longer our ninth planet. I get even more aggravated when I think of all those thousands of textbooks that need to be re-written as well as all those solar system models that have been crippled. Seriously, this song is just fun. The chorus to "Pluto" has developed into another one of those Flynt catch phrases. If you feel like you're being left out of something, just tell the people, "Hey! You're treating me like Pluto". In the verses, I claim that I am trying to explain why our "Pluto" is an outcast... he's delusional!!! The truth is that I really just wanted to write lyrics like I did for the song, "$ellout" from our second album, "Smile". I loved the absurdness of those lyrics and I want to do more. Pluto gave me that chance. I took a bunch of fantasy, fable and literature references and rolled them up into a nice lyrical mess. For those playing the at home trivia game; the last line, of the last verse, is the chorus of our song "Touch of the Mad" from our self titled album. Musically, the into is a pattern that we had been playing with for awhile. Originally we were using it as our verse music to the resurrected song, "Binge". When we came up with the current music for the Binge verses, we shelved the riff. I always thought it was catchy, so I started building a song off this pattern. Dean played a huge part in putting this song together. He came up with the rocking verse part, after my idea, was just too close to the intro pattern.He also came up with with the chorus run. I don't remember if Glenn or Dean came up with the instrumental pattern, but if it was Dean, he pretty much came up with most of music for this song. That, ladies and gentlemen, is another reason why he is the franchise player and does not need to worry about being called, Pluto. I'd be remiss not to point out that this song is also being recorded as a duet. Another Flynt first! It makes me very proud that Brad's singing partner in this song is my son, Jerricho. Not only is he doing a great job recording this album, but he does a killer job belting it out on this song! I, for one, don't care what the teachers and scientist are saying about Pluto. He will always be the ninth planet to me! But his dismissal sure helped prompt a crazy rockin' song. Rock On! Jeff

Song Blog Post # 5: We Had A Day

This blog may be a bit of a ramble , because I don't really know where to start with this one. For those that have heard it, the song "We Had A Day" (for the rest of this blog we'll call it WHAD) could be the fan-favorite song, of the new album. For those playing the home trivia game this is actually the Flynt's first penned love song. During one of the 09' reunion show practices (yes, the same batch of rehearsals that spawned the term Bleed the Screen), Brad said he wanted to have a song for his late wife, Mary. He wasn't exactly sure what he wanted in the song, other then he did not want a sappy ballad. The hook, "We Had A Day", came to me almost immediately. When I got home, I wrote the chorus down and tabbed it in my ideas notebook. Fast forward a few years, and we are actively writing music for the new album. Glenn had this absolutely beautiful piece of music that was unlike anything Mammoth Flynt had ever done. The more Glenn played it, the more I thought that this music could be WHAD. Glenn and I got together at his house and I sang some verses over his music and they worked. Then with the help of his keyboard, we worked out the chorus I had in mind. In about an hour we had a scratch demo of the song recorded. With Dean in hand, we brought this song and "Bleed The Screen" to a practice. Brad was running late to this rehearsal, so we worked the music out on both songs before he got there. When Brad did arrive we bombarded him with two new original songs. In hindsight, that practice was kind of funny in the fact, that Brad didn't realize what the song was about, until about the third time through it. Finally he stopped and said. "This song has a special meaning does meaning, doesn't it?" We all laughed and some tears were shed when this was realized. We've never had that type of emotion evoked, among the band members, when writing a song before. Another first for the Flynt. This song was written about Mary and the chorus pretty much wrote itself. But when it came to the verses, I realized, to give the song real life, I couldn't try to write about Brad and Mary's love, so I simply started writing about my love for my wife, Lisa. You see this is a love song. It is also a loss song, but ultimately this is a song about love. We wrote this in honor of Mary and we wrote it for Brad. We wrote it for us and we wrote it for you. The chorus says, "We had a day- We had a day- I wish it'd last forever" Normally I end these blogs with a "Rock On!", but this one has me feeling a bit different, so I'll close by saying; With Love, Jeff

Recording Day #4-5-6

We're slacking on the recording day blog updates. A real consistant is that Jerricho is doing a grand job, workiing to put these songs together. Day # 4 (9/29) Glenn laid down most of the rhythm guitars for five songs; Pluto, Ride, Bleed, Junior, and Charlotte.This is a big step in moving this recording forward. Day # 5 (9/28) Vocals laid down for "Ride!" and "Lookout World Here Comes Junior". Got all the lead vocals and background vocals on these songs. Good job, Brad! Day # 6 (10/1) Vocals laid down for "Pluto" and "Charlotte" another good day. We got a few corrections to make, but this stuff is sounding good!

Recording Day # 3

9/18/11 We resumed tracking the bass and drums. We recorded; "Charlotte", When the Circus Comes to Town", and Bleed the Screen". That leaves us with two more songs for the bass and drums. Due to some scheduling conflicts we are going to hold off on recording those last two songs for a couple of weeks. We plan to have Glenn start recording some guitar this weekend. We'll keep you posted.

Song Blog Post #4 Bleed the Screen

I got a litle long winded in my last song blog post so I'll keep this one a little shorter. There are a couple of the new songs that have become new catch phrases for the Flynt."Bleed the Screen" is one of those phrases. In 2009 the Flynt got back together to play a one-off reunion show. It was during one of those rehearsals, between songs, I started to talk, but stopped because everyone was texting. I was thinking,"People we're jammin' here... hello!". To begin with, I was thinking, "Break the Screen", but then "Bleed the Screen" came to me and I thought that just sounds cooler. This song is my cynical admission to my love/ hate relationship with technology. The tune is one of those rockers that very well may be the opening song on the album. Glenn came up with another bunch of awesome riiffs that evolved into a song and Dean brought us another great bridge. This song rocks and we can't wait to share it with you! I'll leave you with the second verse; "BTW- LOL BFF sounds so gay WTF is how I feel What the hell are you trying to say" Okay, the blog is over. Bleed the Screen people. Time to get on with your lives and Rock On! Jefff