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Review of IRAQ WAR SONG by Chris Hislop

“Iraq War Song,” the first single off of songwriter Aaron Lee Marshall’s upcoming sophomore release showcases gleaming evidence that Marshall has grown infinitely as a wordsmith and as a composer. The grim subject matter found within the tune is not for the faint-of-heart, but the music that drives the piece is absolutely stunning – further accenting the lyrics, and molding the entirety of the piece into a sublime portrait of tough times steeped in the depths of hope. Not an easy task to pull off; let alone succeed at… It’s easy to be pissed off and rant away about a bitter subject. It’s another thing entirely to take that ill-fated imagery and spin it in a way that is poignant, aesthetically pleasing, and true. “Iraq War Song” is all those things. It’s just plain good. “God don’t live here no more,” but Aaron Lee Marshall does. May it be through his song and music that veterans everyone gain a bit of solace and understanding that they’re not living alone, and that their thoughts of reality are not falling on deaf ears.

Independent Review by Chris Hislop


It's been setback after setback, but that isnt stopping me from pouring my heart and soul into this album to make sure it gets done! Thank you for all your patience everyone, I couldnt do this without all of you!


Man I love the studio. You can't find a better place to relax and create music than Superior Media Group. Worked hard on three songs today. Liv Gaines killed some vocals for Iraq War Song and Alex Mills and Corey Tibbetts killed the drums and bass on "Heroin" and "Red Wine". Hard to sleep after such an incredibly productive day at SMG. MORE TO COME!


Working in the studio tonight with Zach Jones on the song "Red Wine" a very very old tune I wrote about a decade ago. It's more complicated than the tunes I write now which is a bitch in the studio but hey, it's gonna sound sweet when its done. Looking forward to tonight!


If you haven't heard of this guy. You will. If not by me, then by the media. That's all I need to say. Have a great day my friends!

We Be Jammin

Beautiful friggin day out here today in NH! I felt like an iguana sunning himself by a sliding glass door window every time I stepped outside. Jammed with Jerry Sutherland and Jake Sutherland of Sweatpants In Public (SPIP) at their crib and they shared some upcoming music they are putting on their new album. Gonna be killer! We also jammed on some tunes and hope to collab on some material on albums to come. Enjoy being alive friends, because who knows whats on the other side.


I'm sober now. Thanks to everyone who got me here and Charlie Sheen for his phone call to tell me to get my shit together. Feb 13th is my sobriety date and this next album we are currently creating is going to kick everyone in the teeth. I can't wait to release song teasers and promos. Talk to you all soon. ~Aaron