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Wow! What an honor to play a sold out concert at Carnegie Hall this month! I was blessed to share the stage with the awesome instrumentalists Vincent Lyn of New York (piano) and his band ans also Wouter Kellerman (flute) and his awesome band too. The hall was everything a musician hopes it will be when we finally get to perform there. The acoustics rang with a perfect tone and it was truly a joy to open p and play my trumpet in the world's most famous concert hall. Wouter and his band brought their amazing music from South Africa to New York and Vincent brought some beautiful jazz to the stage. I played pieces that I have never played before and it was more fun than I can even describe! I was humbled by the wonderful audience, especially with their 2 standing ovations! There was a delightful review of our concert by writer Christine Zeller from The UK's music-news.com And you can read it here... http://bit.ly/Carnegiereview . Playing this amazing venue is the dream of every classical and jazz musician and I am no exception. As a ten year old starting my trumpet, I read everything I could find at the library about Carnegie Hall. For a kid growing up poor but rich in dreams and surrounded by a loving and encouraging family, that dream has been embedded for a very long time. I am happy to say it was everything I hoped it could be! Please consider attending when I return there soon to perform on that stage again. I wold love for you to share that awesome experience with me next time! Much love ! David

MySpace....Alive And Kicking Again???

Hey! What just happened? Is it true? Can it be? MySpace is back to life!!!! For a long time there was MySpace. Then Facebook came along. Then you felt like you had to decide... do I want to be on MySpace still or Facebook? All the bands and musicians are still on MySpace. But seems everyone else moved over to Facebook. Will MySpace recover and once again become that vital source of cool social networking? I have 85,000 fans and friends there on MySpace. What's to become of them? Many of them say hi when I perform concerts all over the world. MySpace has had a nice history of loyal peeps coming here to socialize, promote, visit and share music, art, news and culture. I have to say this.... I am rooting for MySpace to regain it's place in the online world in 2012. How can I help? I will try to keep the socializing alive there. Will you help me? Who is reading this? Are you visiting my page there still or has it slowed down to a point where we should call the paramedics?

Justin Timberlake and a few others got involved in MySpace so they could bring it back to life and regain it's vitality. BRAVO!!! Well Justin, I'm on your side here. One of the best things to come along there in some time is the new MySpace music player which integrates beautifully with FaceBook too. I have it on my Facebook Fans page at www.facebook.com/davidlongoriafans . I think the real secret of making MySpace vital once again is to not deny that Facebook is the social media leader and that's where all the people are. What MySpace needs to do is to continue working WITH Facebook's platform and create new and exciting ways for hundreds of millions of consumers to find cool music, movies, entertainment and other things we all care about. Right there on MySpace.

In order to accomplish this and make it worthy of the facelift- the powers that be there at MySpace need to get back in tune with the Artists, Bands, MovieMakers, and Comedians that make that place special and unique. People come there to socialize but also to discover new music, art, comedy, movies and events. Make the place a fun and comfortable environment for the artists and entertainers to prosper, promote, share and encourage one another. There are millions of them there. This is what MySpace has over Facebook. Remember Facebook is not going away anytime soon. Let's create new and exciting ways to bring the arts to the audiences. Maybe new channels of genres of music. Maybe groups and clubs where like minded people can share and discover together. But all in an attitude of encouragement not corporate rules and regulations designed to profit at the expense of all those whose content here drives the audience participation.

DAVID LONGORIA Honored by ASYM with Billy Ray Cyrus, Engelbert Humperdinck

Longoria, Cyrus, Humperdinck Among Honorees At ASYM Awards

Artists David Longoria, Billy Ray Cyrus, Engelbert Humperdinck, Jenni Rivera, Kool And The Gang among honorees of American Society of Young Musicians benefit 18th annual awards show.

(I-Newswire) Hollywood, October 27, 2010 - Hollywood, CA , - Foo Fighters, Lisa Marie Presley, Goo Goo Dolls, James Taylor, Brian Wilson, Rod Stewart, Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Liza Minelli, just to name a few of the artists that the American Society of Young Musicians has honored in the past 18 years of its awards show.

Madonna, Whitney Houston, B.B.King, Tina Turner, The Cure, Christina Aguilera, Sarah Mclachlan, are some of the major artists on the executive committee for this awards show.

This year ASYM, the American Society of Young Musicians will be hosting its “Live from Sunset at the LUXE Bel Air,” awards show and concert event, will be held on Wednesday 10/27/10.

Honoring contributions to the music industry by respected music artist David Longoria, the "All That Jazz" award will be presented for his unique contribution to genres of jazz, dance and pop music and for his generous contribution to youth across the US with Living Intelligently For Today (L.I.F.T.). David Longoria's official website Past recipients of this award include Chris Botti, Brian Culbertson, Steve Tyrell and Quincy Jones.

Icon, Engelbert Humperdinck, will be receiving the Music Legend Award for his many decades of pop hits and swooning fans, primarily of the female persuasion, who all remember him for his many hits including the top ten “After The Loving.” official website Joining him include other music notables such as, country music award-winner Billy Ray Cyrus, Hip Hop award recipient, Master P, with Best Young Hip Hop Award honors going to his son, Romeo and breakout Rock band, The Dollyrots, Latin pop singing sensation Jenni Rivera, legendary R&B band, Kool And The Gang, Musicians Advocate Award recipient, Izzy Chait and Favorite Dance Mix Innovator, Vincent di Pasquale. Performing on stage are Josh and JB, the TV and pop stars.

Raz B formally of the fame boy group, B2K is the National Spokesperson and for ASYM organization, an Advocate for Young Musicians. The evening will be hosted by Sam Phillips, a Radio Personality Host and Spokes model.

The charity event being held at the LUXE Hotel in Bel Air, will have great food and rocking music, and a place where young musicians across the country gather to honor and pay recognition to musical artists, while benefiting ASYM’s Musicians Development and Support Fund.

In response to the overwhelming support ASYM has been shown over the years, Jarvee Hutcherson, National President of the non-profit foundation American Society of Young Musicians stated, “in these tough economic times, we need to encourage the human spirit through music now more than ever, and it is because of the support of labels and fans that we are still providing that encouragement.”

More information visit American Society of Young Musicians http://www.asymusicians.org LIFT (Living intelligently For Today) http://www.liftonline.net


Hey all you AWESOME peeps! I got tired of sending everyone to the myspace page when they want to check out my website so.... I just created a website at davidlongoria.com

Please let me know if there are things you'd like to see and hear that I haven't thought of and I will do my best to accommodate. We are building a really cook store to offer all the goodies as well as the new music, dvds, posters, t-shirts, caps, collectables and some nice surprises. I'd love to hear from you what you wold be interested in as well. Please send em an email at david@deloromusic.com and I will do my best! I really feel blessed to have the love and friendship of great people like you and that;'s the reason I want to make this site more fun and offer more cool things here.

Also don't forget to sign up for the mailing list here! It's easy and we are getting ready to give away travel, concert tickets, CRUISES (YES REALLY!) and even some Las Vegas show tickets and packages. You don't have to buy anything to enter the monthly drawings and if you are on the mailing list you are eligible!

Let me know also if you are interested in cruises- we are planning a cruise to the Mexican Riviera, one to the Caribbean, and maybe even one to the Mediterranean. We will be headlining with our complete show- musicians, singers and dancers along with some other great artists! What a way to spend your vacation don't you think?

Thank you for reading this blog and I look forward to catching up with you online at Youtube, Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and davidlongoria.com !!!!