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Headed in a new direction

Much has changed since my last post. I was 248 on the charts and working on my album when I realized that not that many people know who I am and what im about. So I'm taking a few steps back and I am going to release an EP (short album) before I can start thinking about my main project. The EP is titled: The Calm Before The Storm, and its coming out next month. I see that people are still listening to my music and I am thankful for that. I hope that you like my album. Peace.

Working on my album

Yah's Son. This is the name of my album. Why would I call it that? Well, technically speaking we are all Yah's children. Yah is the name of father as said in the Bible(psalms 68:4 to be exact). Some Bibles read Jah instead of Yah but since the first scriptures were written in Hebrew and not English and the fact that there is no letter J in the Hebrew language, just a Y. Now just because I read the Bible, that doesn't mean that I am religious or go to church. Contrary to most beliefs I do not claim any religion. I don't believe in it. Instead I believe in my own personal relationship with the Father and what He shows me and what He teaches me. I, personally don't need a pullpit pimp to show me anything, and this is coming from someone who grew up in the church. I want this album of mine to wake up people. Heal people. Help people. Open people's eyes to a reality that was once non existant. If I can do that then this album will have been a success. I don't care about the money, and I care even less about the fame and glamour. I am who I am and I will never change that.