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2012 in A Nutshell

This year has been so memorable. First off, Having Legendary Drummer JOHNY BARBATA play behind us for a short period of time. It was Truly an honor. Winners of The Local Texaco Country Showdown. Then Opening for Bart Crow, Whiskey Myers, and Brandon Jenkins. Studio Time in the "Boohatch" with the Great Mike McClure, who helped us tremendously with our first Demo. Thank You Mac for giving us the opportunity to do so. Meeting several talented people and bands along the way. Playing in Great Venues and Bars. This year has come and gone so quickly, we cant believe its almost over. This only means one thing... Next Year is going to Kick ASS! We already have some festivals booked!! So keep a look out. We are Pushin' Along the best we can. Our goal next year is to Get our first ablumn completed and to venture out into Texas and hope to make more new friends and fans. See Ya Around! Love, Peace and Axel Grease- RB