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New tunes

Check out one of our new songs "Above the Rest" This was our first time playing this live hope you enjoy. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzPgLqVRETI


This show is going to be EPIC!!! Some of the best metal bands in Utah will be preforming live on September 13 @ Gino's. Get your tickets now for $5 or $10 at the door. The show starts at 7 don't miss this shit peeps.


Come join us at Kamikazes in O-town for $5 you get to enjoy DEATHEAD, THE OBLITERATE PLAGUE, and UNTHINKABLE THOUGHTS.. Doors at 8. HORNS UP \,,/ \,,/

Show at Bar Deluxe

ATTENTION we have a great show lined up for August 24th at Bar Deluxe Featuring, Stories of Ambition, Below The Skyline, and Colin Creek. Tickets are $7 and the doors @ 8 Be there and support the music scene in SLC

project independent

Hey everyone the voting polls are open on projectindependent.net so vote everyday every vote counts.

week 5

cant wait for this friday it kicks of our tour. hope to see all our fans at the show. St.Gorge here we come cant wait to play that show. Thanks James Sorensen


So the excitement is building for now it is six day tell we hit the first day of recording . hey to all of our fan please go to www.battleofthebands.com vote for us every day

thanks james sorensen

week #3

This saturday's was cool as hell. Thanks to all the people that showed up. We will be heading to the studio soon, and we cant wait! Hey we are on the battle of the bands for worp tour if you did not know go to this website and vote at www.battleofthebands.com tell your friends you can vote once a day but vote every day. Now here is a question to you our fans. If you have been to our shows what do you like about it and why? Thanks James Sorensen

week #2

We are brain storming on new ideas for songs. If you have any friends that have not gone to this website. Please tell them. Thank you. Keep your eyes pilled as we may have something new coming by going to our shows. Who know it could be new shirts or, cd. We also might have a show that could be big so keep checking in to see what shows are to come. Thanks, James Sorensen

week #1 part 2

Yesterday show went good. Thanks to all the people that showed up our next show is on the 26 of this month at the dog pound. Hope to see you all there. Hey try to get your friend to check out our page on here. Thanks, James Sorensen