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Many times we question God and blame Satan when things fall stagnant in our lives. The truth behind much of our stagnation is the lack of maturity. Many times we ask God for things that we are not mature enough to handle. Much like a spoiled child, we then become upset when Our Father does not give us what we ask for.

As we approach the close of the year, be sure to examine your behavior rather than you chronological age. A good parent never rewards bad behavior. Are your actions revealing maturity or childish antics?

There may be a reason why you haven't taken possession of some things you desire. The reason could be looking at you in the mirror. #upgrade

Line Up

This is the season to recognize the importance of choosing a side and sticking with it. Live for God with all of your might. Seek to please Him and Line up with his word. We cannot become so consumed with having rights that we forget what is right. His Word is the final authority in the earth despite any attempts to sensor what has already been said by God.

Live your life to the fullest in Him. You will never experience life to the greatest degree until you surrender to Truth rather than emotions. We can all remember that some things that felt right weren't right.

Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. Proverbs 3:5

His Word will always ensure that we stay in Truth rather than emotion. Line up with God. Obey His word and acknowledge His Truth. Everything else will fall in line.

Embracing the Storms

As a child, storms tend too be a very unsettling experience that causes us to seek out the comforts of mom and dad.

As we grow and mature, you never get beyond storms. They present themselves in different ways, but life is full of them. They are those points in time when we lose complete control of everything that's going on around us (as if we ever really have control in the first place). Everything externally seems shaky.

Although we loose the ability to jump into our parental grasp, our focus turns toward our Heavenly Father. Storms teach us Faith and without Faith it's impossible to please God. If you find yourself in a storm, stop complaining and embrace it. God sends it to teach us what we could not learn in the sunshine. Resistance is essential for us to get stronger. Nothing can be accomplished in our comfort zone besides complacency. Embrace it - Learn from it - Endure it. Your were created to Survive IT!!!!

Souraya Christine
Souraya Christine  (almost 6 years ago)

I wish I had understood this sooner in life! I spent way too many years being held hostage by my past!


Stop waiting for an opportunity and understand that everyday you awake God has given you an opportunity. You have a chance to change your situation today. Make somebody better today. Put a smile on somebody's face. Be a better parent, spouse, child, friend; be a better person. Make it happen, take steps toward your future and stop waiting on your future to come to you.

Oasis Listening Party

Just got back from checking out the spot for my listening party April 21st. It's gonna be HOTTT!!!. Great time planned by the Styles Management Team and thankful for the other people working so hard to pull it together. It's amazing that when you start moving forward, God places people in your life that have the heart to help you move forward. Awaken the dream in you today!!! God will send what you need!!


Back on the Grind!

So thankful to be back to the place where I am recording music again. Grateful to all of you that have encouraged me over the last 10 years to get back to it. Finally for all for you that are supporting my latest project Oasis. I am so very thankful. Stay Tuned to some awesome developments coming your way very soon. Keep me in your prayers.