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ZANGARO Background

Background of the project: I was the songwriter/vocalist for This and That The Onions (which evolved into Drop Sonic), and MorelandBead. I have recently signed a production contract with Jason Salzman’s Production & Blue Blanket Studios. His songwriting and producing credits go on and on. If you know the Music Business, you will know him!

Musicians on this project are a healthy dose of “Oh My God!” • JASON SALZMAN- producer and lead guitar (his credits are widely known) • VINCE ZANGARO- songwriter, rhythm guitar, vocalist (credits already listed) • ROBBY HANDLEY- bass guitar (credits include Tim Brantley, worked with the Nettles family on their albums, etc.) • GUY STRAUSS- percussion (credits include Tim Brantley, Tender Idols, Chuck Cannon, etc.) • DAN DIXON- lead guitars (credits include Drop Sonic, Angie Aparo, his new project PLS, etc.) • ERIC FRAMPTON- piano and organ (credits include Agent Copper, Yacht Rock, etc.)

If this is something you’re interested in, you can listen to some of the new tracks on my Fan Page: http://www.facebook.com/VinceZangaro

Here are a few more sites worth checking out: http://zangaro1.bandcamp.com/ http://zangaro.bandcamp.com/ www.reverbnation.com/zangaro