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All collaborations shifted to myspace. All 100% Art Lip material from myspace shifting here, not one by one, but 2 by one: one dark track and one non dark track each at a time :)

Andrew Austin
Andrew Austin  (5 months ago)

Love your trumpet & your thoughts & words, Andrew

Thank you

for all the visits and comments lately :) I'm a very busy person: nursing old people, editing my band's concert tracks and videos, doing collaborations with more than 100 partners wordlwide, working on my ca 300 Tracks... I try to pay back all visits :)

Fanning + Comments:

-I do refan people who at least provide a comment box. -I do return track specific comments with track specific comments. -It means: I also go there - and only there - to play a track to comment ;) Fair deal. What I do not is: dealing with account likes on facebook. My likes may be under 1000 there - but they are all real and I don't need virtual ones. Thank you :)

mails here

Dear friends, I thank you all for your positive opinion, that you send me secretely in mails.

I react to public, trackspecific comments here by listening to your tracks and commenting them trackspecifically. Publically. Not: secretly ;) *

Dear friends, I thank you all, who offer me opportunities in mails: I recommend to read my blogs about the industry before doing so;) *

Dear friends, I thank you all, who offer to follow me after I followed you on facebook, youtube etc: Just go ahead please: And do not forget to tell me under what identity you did so: Or I can't verify. If I can identify your impact: I will OF COURSE return. With the delay that is owed to verify and come back here. *

Dear friends, thank you for inviting me to your music in mails: I will listen to your music in return to your listening to mine: verified by your trackspecific, public comment here: and I will of course return that *

General: Dear friends: This is a PUBLIC platform. Please use it this way here - or you are stealing your own time. I avoid the unfriendly word "spam" here:

Thank you for understanding :)

My Playlists

Generaly speaking I have 3 of my regular albums on revnation currently (presented here in

playlists). They are in an order each that provides perpetual change between moods to keep you inside:) All three albums are equipped with the most of my musical style range each - again: for your entertainment.

I also have a fable for the dark - since reality is dark/light exactly 50/50.The world is not heaven - and it's not hell: it's a Yin-Yang of both.(My dark side is not much represented on revnation currently: go to the album "Ghostrider of Time and Space" on my website art-lip-music.org to find more of that please)

Additionally to the album lists I made lists of moods and genre/styles too: necessarily limited:

There will be more.

Collaborations: RN collaborations will be in the first slot, when they are fresh, then wander down weekly. Some will stay longer: but I want diversion and I made MANY (about 70) collabs with top musicians that are all worth the same. So I'll refeature some from time to time in my surprise tracks or collab-list.

"Surprise Tracks":

The content will be online here for limited times only - sometimes even not more than a day.

I use this: - to show my range - to feature collaborations and bands that I work/ed with or where/are member of - for "test balloons" to see what happens - to feature past works, that are LoFi, faultpested - but have their charmes

I usually don't extra feature these Surprise tracks currently here - they are a permanent part of my presentation.

Thank you for visiting me :)

Pay to be played or play to be paid: Dear Industry:)

It's very easy: in gold rush times, the diggers starved, while the dealers that sold them food and equipment went rich - very rich. I ! DON'T ! PAY ! To Be PLAYED!!!

I get payed to play!!! Or I better play FPS games again, watch tv, do some hobby music and present it to my relatives. I'm a musician and I am making music for more than 25 years now. I am open for fair deals with the industry in the above mentioned sense. Thank you for digging that:)

About me


The above is my MAIN CENTRAL. It includes all bio info and tons of multimedia.

I welcome:

likes on facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Art-Lip/109886815752351

new friends on facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/people/Art-Lip/100001969468669

I'm also on myspace: Vocal features here: http://www.myspace.com/artlipcore Instrumentals here: http://www.myspace.com/artlipmusic

You prefer videos? http://www.youtube.com/artlipmusic

Some statistics: Total tracks released / CC-Licences worldwide: more than 300

Total tracks on www.art-lip-music.org now: far more than 150 + weekly features Total videos on youtube: 78 Total plays worldwide all pages: more than a 3rd million Total views worldwide all pages: approaching half a million

Bands and other cooperation partners: 76

Total friends worldwide all pages: approaching 200 000 Visitors from how many different countries worldwide: 124