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No lie... Ive been drankin drank since yall folks was drankin forties...

Fuck the Law on an all new level...

Pushed back release date to April 1st, since it was a turbulent two weeks. Media was not as bad as I thought they would be. Not alot of twisting, but there will be. Back in EP, we'll get our word out soon.

Still Fuck Tha Law...

March 17th "The Unanticipated Anticipation of AceCope" Since the original copy of material was confiscated from my former employer... Other dates have change, but mainly because I'll be in the 210 for trial for the next two weeks.

Fuck The Law, I Ain't Playin'

Coming Soon... March 9th - The Unanticipated Anticipation of AceCope March 23rd - Premier AC April - Origination