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Keepin' Busy (May 2011)

Hey y'all, This is the first opportunity we've had to blog about our adventures since early February when the EP released. We wanted to take a second to all who have supported us and the album, and look forward to seeing you on the road sometime soon! The past few months have been hectic with business aspects of the industry. We've been doing a lot of promotion to get our music into the hands of new people and continuing to write new material. We're pretty excited about the new songs. They retain the old elements of Crashing Daylight that have defined us, but also have more energy, passion and contain more riffs, heartfelt lyrics and new vocal delivery aspects, and they are quite a bit heavier in general. Since April, we have been on the road a bit with our brothers in Smiling Politely. Great band, Great guys...check them out. Our producer, Ian Combs, was also their man of choice. As some of you may have heard, we were chosen by St. Cloud's Rockin' 101 fm, as the top band in this years battle of the bands. The second leg is currently happening now- which involves you guys! Follow our links here on reverb or on facebook to vote for us (everyday until may 30). We currently are in the lead, but it has been narrowing. We need your awesomeness, it takes literally 5 seconds. We're gearing up for a busy summer on the road. Follow us on reverbnation and facebook to find tour dates (many with Smiling Politely). In the coming few weeks, we will be booking our summer tour that will probably include: Clarksville and Nashville TN, Dallas TX, Ottawa, ILL. and many more. Thanks for your support, Stay tuned for updates,merch and new music! Brandon Crashing Daylight

February 2011

February has proven to be one of the biggest months for us young fellas in Crashing Daylight. We're a few months away from our one year anniversary and just released our debut EP "The Nature of Feeling", which can be found on Itunes, Amazon and more. We have recieved radio spins in a handful of states across the midwest. If you have yet to hear us or grab your copy of our album, hurry! Thanks for the support, see you all on the road soon