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Indie Rocks! Manchester, UK 94.4 fm

Indie Rocks has always been a supporter of the Cougs. On of our newest songs, Old Wine, New Bottle was featured on the 29 April podcast.

Listen for the Cougs, stay for all the interviews, http://www.mixcloud.com/IRM/indie-rocks-manchester-fozzythe-alexines-29th-april-2013-hr2/

Planet Texas

Found here... http://www.planettexas.net/

Radio interview 16 Sept, 2011

PT's really big show... live from a Mesquite, Texas.

Sometimes even Shawn runs out of babble, this wouldn't be such an occasion. On this 38 minute long interview Shawn talks about where Joel is at, upcoming gigs, how the Cougs write songs, upcoming gigs and the best places the band has played.

Also special thank you to ANON 47601 on the Planet Texas chat room.

Radio stations that support Cougar Ace

Reverbnation does a great job of having a place to post written reviews, one area that is neglected from this site is airplay.

We have been fortunate to get airplay on a few broadcast, podcast and internet radio stations. Here is an incomplete list:

http://nwczradio.com/ http://www.podomatic.com/profile/busteramericana http://www.northmanchesterfm.org/ (Indie Rocks!) http://www.wix.com/fistrockradio/fist-rock-radio http://wrfl.fm/ http://www.srrocks.com/ http://www.butterfliesradio.com/home

The Cougs thank you for your support!

Upcoming show on Friday!!!! Southgate House, Newport - Kentucky

We will be seeking another entertaining fan review of the show...

What is needed? Ummmm words, written make it easier or you can be like that one guy at a show in Lexington, Kentucky who yelled the same thing over and over until Shawn could remember it long enough to write it down.

Either way, we are seeking your input!


After 15yrs of writing about music, I still get a tight feeling in my chest every time a friend asks me to review a band, journalistic integrity versus friendship never easy. It is with this dilemma I sit down to listen to a two piece indie band (yes i did say two piece)from northern Kentucky, I have to say my expectations were far from high.

To say i was pleasantly surprised would be an understatement this band are good........no this band are really good, technically sound deep intelligent lyrics and a beat that dares you not to nod your head and tap your feet, a smile slowly spreads with the songs 'just like you' and the amusingly titled 'two headed girl' I want to see this band live, hell we all need to see this band live!

Cougar Ace may not change the face of music but they will give it a much needed lift and in these times of tepid pop punk and soulless dance what more could one ask

Their cd 'SOCIAL OUTLIERS' is available from all the usual suspects


Fan Reaction from Mad Hatter show...

The reviews continue, this time with reflections from our last show at the Mad Hatter in Covington, Kentucky.

"Had the chance to see Cougar Ace at Mad Hatter in Covington. These guys put on a great show! The crowd was small but they played as if the place was packed. They entertained with older and newer songs - even playing a request. The new songs sounded even better live."

Fan reaction from Green Lantern

In what is becoming a regular feature to the Cougar Ace blog, opinions fron those who see us. Last show we had an articulate, thoughtful reaction. This past show while equally thoughtful, a bit rougher around the edges. It could use a verbal weedwhacker:

"You mfer's play music like it is supposed to be played! You are on the road and you just threw down the hammer, F them all, you don't give a S$%^ who is in your way! Play that mf-ing music. GD! Yeah! I'm drunk. We all know that. I'm out and I know music, f-ing S I have been listening to music for a long mf-ing time and you two, F, only two of you and you two don't care do you? No. You are just playing that mf-ing music! Radio don't play that S anymore, they should, but radio doesn't know F-ing S. GD!"

The thoughtful man then went on to ask where he might acquire a temporary date for the evening and what would such a venture cost him.

A fan review from May 21, 3rd Street Dive show

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I walked into 3rd Street Dive one night late in May. An intimate venue, bottled beer and loud music were the minimum. I left the place with my ears ringing, a song stuck in my head and a smile on my face.

The show had already started when I arrived and walking past them I felt welcomed. A quick glance and a nod, I didn’t feel out of place but more like, hey friend, join us. And so it was that night with Joel on guitar and Shawn on drums. Right away, I could tell they were happy to be there, laid back in the moment and truly enjoying themselves. I was grooving along, not knowing the songs but liking the sound, a unique blend of different types of rock: a little bit classic, a little southern fried and a lot of loud. The banter was witty in between songs. Joel talked about the rapture, which was supposed to have happened that night and in homage played a song called Descent Into Hell. This is where my feelings for Cougar Ace changed. I became a fan. A driving, angry song, it was intense but fun. The guys were really interactive, with Shawn getting up to go at it on the left side, and then moving over to the right. He looked happy up there, not disaffected. Joel was just as active, even walking outside the bar testing the limits of his guitar cord, playing to passersby. It was hilarious to those inside, watching their antics, seeing them teasing each other and having fun playing.

Their set list was long. They must have played for almost two hours that night. The great thing was that most of the songs were their own. They weren’t some cheap cover band; they had good music that you moved to. Two Headed Girl was one you sang to, Mug on the Counter was one you listened to and then there was one that changed tempo several times, leaving you fascinated in watching them perform, seeing them in tune with each other, and getting it stuck in your head…(“better to wrooooong, and care…”). A couple of classic but slightly obscure cover songs were thrown in, tunes like Hollar by Gary “US” Bond and Jeepster by T-Rex where you hear it and think oh yeah, wow, haven’t heard this one in a while.

Good live music can be hard to come by, especially for the cynical bar regular. But Cougar Ace is different. It’s two guys just hanging out on a Saturday night, playing to their friends and having a good time. You felt part of it, you found yourself enjoying it, and the music wasn’t background noise, because it became your night experience. It made you an instant fan.

Third Street Dive show this Saturday

Looking forward to the show at the Dive this Saturday. Didn't see any other band on the bill at this point. There was a chance the band, Cougar Express was going to play (awesome band by the way) but haven't heard anything. A free Cougar Ace poster goes to the first person who mentions this blog entry at the show.

the start....

New songs are now up on this site!