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NIM, PMB collaborate on addiction-inspired piece 'FIX'

June 7, 2009 Sneek a peak at new dance rock opera Nashville in Motion, Peter Moon Band collaborate on addiction-inspired piece 'FIX' By Fiona Soltes FOR THE TENNESSEAN Jennifer Harwell hopes to one day be "collaboration central" for dancers, choreographers and songwriters looking to spread their wings. But this was beyond even her imagination. One night, while eating dinner downtown with her husband, Harwell heard a live song by the Peter Moon Band that moved her. Immediately, she knew she wanted to choreograph a piece to it. So she sought out the band's manager. And that manager, Margaret Frank, confided that she and Moon had long wanted to do a rock opera but had no idea where to find interested dancers. It turned out to be an "absolutely amazing process," says Harwell, artistic director of contemporary dance company Nashville in Motion. And this month, a series of "sneak peeks" of the piece will be presented in various locations. FIX: What's Your Monkey? is a look at rehab and the wide variety of addictions that plague human beings, told from the standpoint of "the people inside, the friends and the family members." "The music depicts all of it," Frank says. "You'll be laughing, crying and wanting to stand up and dance. All of these emotions are brought into this one situation." Frank says the inspiration came from people they know in addition to those the band has seen on the road; the group plays up to 200 dates a year at festivals, casinos, colleges and the like, and they're often concerned with the state of the people in the audience. "We see a lot of people we want to drive home," says Frank, who has also been writing music with Moon for the past decade. "That's why we started throwing MoonPies into the audience to sober them up at the end of the night." Working with Harwell, she says, has been "real synergy," and plans are to have seven songs ready to go. At this point, the work is about 45 minutes, but will eventually be a couple of hours. Harwell, in the meantime, will present the FIX songs as part of a larger program. Also on the bill are an Argentinean tango from ballroom choreographer Tony Guidera, as well as the return of Design by choreographer Kathleen Spinazzola. Nashville in Motion, now in its third year, employs professional dancers off-contract in the summer months. This season's crop includes eight paid dancers (mostly from Nashville Ballet) and five trainees, but the goal is to have both a professional performance group and an internship program that allows dancers to grow into the company. Harwell's own training was at Nashville Ballet when it was still called Nashville City Ballet, followed by work and touring with Jean-Pierre Bonnefoux and Patricia McBride, and then musical theater. She's been teaching and/or choreographing in the Nashville area for about 10 years. In terms of FIX, she says, "People don't know what to think of when it comes to 'rock opera.' We're just trying to put something out there as a different dance/live theater/music experience for Nashville. It's taken a long time for the city to open its mind to the arts, but as a whole, it's become so much more into the dance and theater scene, with these underground theater places popping up. It's time for something new." Frank likes the idea that in addition to the music and dance, the show carries a strong message. "Basically, it takes away some of the shame of addiction, and adds humor," she says. "People are more receptive when they're laughing. Then maybe they can actually have some sympathy for people dealing with all this instead of judgment. . . . Everybody has some kind of monkey on their back. And we came up with the title FIX because everybody wants to be fixed."

NIM Dance Co.& PMB present FIX! Nashville's 1st Rock Opera

Hey Everybody! I’m excited to tell you about a new project we’re working on. It will be a first for the Nashville community: “FIX” – Nashville’s Rehab Rock Opera! It’s a musical comedy/drama/dance spectacle that traces the highs and lows happening at the Southside Medical Center. We’re creating a sneak peek of this production with Nashville in Motion Dance Company, choreographer Jennifer Harwell, and some of my favorite vocalists and musicians in the known universe…. Along with Jack, Jon and me from PMB, Gabriel Katona (from Rick Springfield band) will be on keys. Lending voice to stories of rehab and redemption are the amazing hard-rockin’ Annette Williams, the smooth and soulful Andrea Flowers, and the gritty Gregg Allman meets Adam Duritz pipes of Anthony Adams! I literally had Goosebumps for 3 hours at rehearsal last week. It’s inspiring and humbling for Peggy and I to watch this gifted cast apply their talents to our songs. For our first sneak peek, FIX will bring 15 dancers and 7 musicians to the stage. I promise that you have NEVER experienced the music of the PMB like this before. Please come to our first workshop and share in the creative aspect of theater with us this June. There are 3 scheduled performance dates for FIX: Sat June 13 at the Beclourt Theater in Nashville 7pm (Tickets available at www.belcourt.org or at Belcourt box office $25) Sat June 20 at the TN Governors School for the Arts at MTSU (Murfreesboro) 7pm (Adult tix $10 at door or $15 in advance, senior or student tix $5 advance or $10 at door) Sat June 27 at the Renaissance Center in Dickson TN 2pm (part of Firefly Arts Festival) (adult tix $15, senior tix $12, kids under 13 $10) you can find out more at www.myspace.com/fixrockopera

Peter’s Piano/Vocal demo of Jeff Buckley/Leonard Cohen’s

Hey Guys! Click the link to hear Peter's piano/vocal rendition of Leonard Cohen/Jeff Buckley's "Hallelulah". Rumor has it that somebody spent a whole week practicing the piano parts. Let us know whatcha think. http://web.splashcast.net/preview/?s=NNEA5612SA please post your comments @ www.myspace.com/petermoonband instead of using the splashcast comments! peace love moonpies pmb

You can make the PMB #1

Make the PMB #1 on www.bandpromote.com With your help we can be featured!!! You're just a click away follow the link to peter moon band & click the vote box! http://www.bandpromote.com/bands.asp?ID=643 http://www.bandpromote.com/ Thanks for your love & support! peace, love & moonpies, peter, jack & jon peter moon band nashvegas, tn

Is Cherry There

Is Cherry there??? Yesterday the phone rings and the caller asks to speak to Cherry. It is obviously a child on the other end of the phone... I say "There's no Cherry here." "Oh yes, this is her number -she has pink hair and she wears red boots. Her name is Cherry Bomb," says the perky little voice with complete self assurance. I'm grinning ear to ear as the conversation continues - I realize I'm talking to our youngest fan. After listening to the song Cherry Bomb on her parents copy of our new Black Eyed Smiley disc, she's come up with this vision of Cherry as a wild pink haired girl who loves her red boots... Before we hung up the phone, she let me talk to her mom, who was laughing out loud. She promised send me a picture of Cherry as Megan draws her. I can't wait to share it with everybody. I love making music! peace love & moonpies, pm

Nashville's own Peter Moon Band hits the Big Apple on WCZX 97.7!

Nashville's own Peter Moon Band hits the Big Apple on WCZX 97.7! DJ Joe Limardi is playing selected tracks from the new cd Black Eyed Smiley on "The Road Show", Monday thru Friday 2-7pm. Way to go Joe - Thanks for showing New York that Nashville Rocks! We love Joe Limardi!

PMB @ Ft. Campbells Fall Festival 10/13/ 07

Current mood: bouncy Category: Music The weather was perfect for Destiny Park moms and dads as they watched their kids ride ponies, pile into a wagon full of hay, stuff down popcorn and pizza, paint pumpkins and jump themselves dizzy. At four o'clock the PMB took the giant stage by storm and rocked the party into the night. But all agreed that the highlight of the day was when soldier Philip Rauscher, his wife Ana and their five children Jasman, Annabelle, Ana Marie, Philip and Bailey won the guitar donated by Pevy and signed by the band. When the family accepted their prize, little Jasman, with a tear washing a line through the dirt on her face sighed and said, "I was praying so hard to win that guitar that my brain was bleeding." It takes weeks every year to put this event together for the familes of our soliders, and its all worth it when you see the the joy on the faces of their children.

Black Eyed Smiley Tattoo

Category: Friends It's humbling to learn how people are connecting with each other, and with the PMB through the music that we play. When we're asked to perform at the wedding of a couple who met at one of our shows, when a mom says her kids know every word to every one of our songs, when fans tell us that a song has helped them through hard times, we become increasingly aware of the power of our music. But when superfan Tiffany flashed her new tatoo this week end it turned us inside out. We're so fortunate to be able to play, heal, console and rejoice with all of our fans. YOU ROCK!!!!!

Brand New Song, "3 More Days"

Category: Music Almost everybody I know has at least one friend, brother, sister, cousin, husband, son or daughter serving in Iraq. Political viewpoints aside, we all pray for the safety, welfare and homecoming of our loved ones. We wrote "3 More Days" as a tribute to our friends in the 101st Airborne out of Ft Campbell - It's a song inspired by conversations we've had with soldiers and their wives and families. You can download it for free from our myspace player. Every time you listen, say a prayer to bring our guys and girls home safe! peace love & moonpies, pmb


10 REASONS A ROCK BAND SHOULD DRIVE A CHURCH VAN -by the pmb Current mood: grateful Category: Music 1. No trouble with the law. A holy radar deflector of sorts... 2. Free parking at theme parks. 3. Nobody asks for a ride. 4. Robbers don't steal Bibles. 5. Tip jar collection plate. "Pastor Z, please bless the collection plate." 6. Great shock value at bars & Casinos "It's our new church fundraiser - Bettin' On Jesus! 7. Nobody tries to convert you. 8. Free oil changes on McClurkan Ave. Hallelujah!!! 9. Rightous worshipping fans!!! 10. Trend setting... But Damn it! You'd think that with God on our side we'd be more of a chick magnet...