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'Sinfully Yours' single released

Having survived the Mayan Apocalypse of 2012 and with the bands line-up finalized, As Angels Bleed really had no choice but to abandon the sanctuary of Hell’s Gate and bring their brand of symphonic vampiric metal to the stages of the world. Joining Valhallian vocalist Avelina De Moray and shred guitarist Von Lehmann on their odyssey will be drummer extraordinaire Frankie Macri, bombastic bassist Jack Savage and the hauntingly ethereal keyboardist April Noele Byrnes. If you only ever do one thing between now and your “end of days”, be sure to experience the full impact of As Angels Bleed live. Your immortal soul will thank you. The bands debut album was recorded at Hells Gate Studios Sydney & Mixed by Mark Lewis and Eyal Levi at Audio Hammer Studios, USA (Devil Driver, Trivium & Death Angel etc), this gothic masterpiece, besides displaying thunderous drums and searing guitars, also enlists the help of the Hells Gate symphonic Orchestra and the unholy voices of The Choir of the Dammed. The bands first album will be released on iTunes on February the 9th, 2013. Order their album at: http://www.avelinademoray.com/store/categories/As-Angels-Bleed/