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The Acoustic tour so far...

Madison: When we first saw Madison on the skyline I got excited, wondering to myself why it has taken us so long to get back here. The crowd at the High noon saloon was so warm - and in full knowledge of the poi history. It made us happy and at home. Susan and I had a great day roaming around town the next day. Vowing to come back on a regular basis. Lovely city.

3 Oaks Michigan: The Acorn theater will go down as one of the best places we've ever played because the owners are such saints, and the room shows the love they put into to it, and the crowd was beautiful and ready for it. We had a great night there, and a good breakfast the next day, and an exceptional visit to the best book store in the world, so far: 'B books' - fantastic! (I got an e.e. cummings record, him reading his poetry, a record of Dylan Thomas's poetry read by him and a seven book set of world travel books from the 60's)

The Hide Out: This was one of the best acoustic PDP gigs ever, Period. The crowd and the band were 'one' for the entire set, (which was amazing 'cause the set was a low key & moody, a set filled with new songs which could make an audience restless - but they were right there with us). The show tonight re-enforced the original intent of PDP. PDP is joyful - but has to have the balance of the reality of life; tonight's show held that balance. I thankful for tonight.

testing one two three.....

is this thing on? Right... Here we go, one more digital space to fill.... but this one has a good use, it'll manage our email list way better than we have been lately! After years of wrestling with clunky old mailing list software this appears to have what we need to stay in touch. Here goes. Love, Frank

YbNormLeh  (over 9 years ago)

You're right, this set up flows gracefully, as does the history from the beginning to present. Love the photo's from the early days too! Such a fun, informative and tasty gift (ah yes - the mouth watering recipe - made me hungry right now!) you've given us to begin 2008.Keep living your truth,LisaYbNormLeh