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Haystak and IKME for 2013

2013 is looking to be a break out year for Individual Kings Media Enterprize! New connections with C.B.A (Colorado Beat Addicts) join two powerhouses of Denver musik together to gain momentum and with some of the hottest artiest with projects near completion the buzz is growing with every move! Next up is Haystak coming to Grand Junction March 29th and Denver March 30th Individual Kings will set both shows off! Thanks to some prime connection this show will be one to remember! sik sence!

need some new fans

ok so i love this reverbnation but i cant find new friends fast enough, anyone have any suggestions on how i can get more people to really listen before choosing to be a fan or not... thanks SIK

Dammit!  (about 5 years ago)

hey sic mel here from dammit! start fanning everyone you can everybody country pop rock rap hip hop alternitive ambient everybody when you fan them introduce your self tell them you dig their stuff believe me youll get all kinds of fans and for you get zip codes for us go to all rapper sites friend them go to their fans page where it says fans only click tha friend all thier fans man you will fly peace man keep it real dammit!


This Reverbnation is tight! cant wait to be number one...gotta aim high. Anyway lets get this shit crackin, make sure to check out youtube and search Individual Kings... thanks sik sence