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New Original "Black Rock"

Just posted a new original called "Black Rock". Inspired by a storm watching session in Ucluelet, BC. Mother Nature's power at it's most grandest. tried to capture the power of the surf crashing into the "black rocks".

Vote For Love in Stereo

Love in Stereo uploaded the new song "All Jacked Up!" on Ourstage.com to enter Bon Jovi's Wanted...A SuperBand Tonight contest. You search for the Bon Jovi concert closest to your location, upload the song you'd like to enter then people log on, judge songs and vote for their favourites. Whatever song ends up with the most votes wins that band an opening slot on that particular Bon Jovi concert. The I found out you have to live within a 500 mile radius of the closest concert to your location. It turns out we live outside of that radius. But what the heck....I've uploaded the tune, why not check it out, and if you like it, vote for it anyway. See how far up the charts we can get. Thanks!! http://www.ourstage.com/banner/user/bookmark/loveinstereo