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Hello Music Lovers :)

I Have decided that it is finally time to sit down and write a blog about the album.

***********The new album "JWalkin" will be finished by mid October. It should be ready for release some time in December. Im working on a party and a tour to support the album. I have some great players on this thing including Christophe Zajac-Denek (The Hard Lessons) on drums, Dave Feeny (Blanche, American Mars) on pedal steel, Derek Farr (Funkadellic, Rev Right Time) on Bass, Vince Rabut on Bass, Yorg Kerasiotis (Bump) keyss, Courtney Robb on some harmonys, and a few riffs from Erik Maluchnik (Shadiamond Lafreedom, Jarrod Champion sleeps til dusk) who also helped engineer the album. The rest of the album was engineered by Dave Feeny and co-produced by JGraves and Dave Feeny at The Tempermill. This album took years to write and nine months to record.

The Songs on the album are: Up and down we go Gotta get away Is this real? Last night This is me leaving Set it free Ill be there for you The reason Dancin in the rain Keep on keepin on You remain Crystal clear confusion

I cant wait to release this album, im really excited about it. It will be available in disk form as well as on itunes and several other media sources. Details about the release party and the albums official release to come very soon. Thanks for your support!!!!

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