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Self titled Album will be released!

Hello to all of our awesome fans,

We will be releasing an self titled album this summer. It should be available for purchase by the end of August. We are really excited for people to hear this! Hope you guys like the new songs that we have been writing. Thanks again for all your support.

Love, Under the Influence

Acoustic Shows this summer!!

Hello to anyone that actually reads our blog.

Brent will be playing 40 acoustic shows over this summer in the cities of Toledo, OH, Bowling Green, OH, Ann Arbor, MI, Cleveland, OH, Youngstown, OH, Pittsburgh, PA, and Cincinnati, OH. He is trying to launch the band into the underground scene of the Midwest. At these shows he will be selling t-shirts, stickers, and demos. They are not costly at all. For 12 bucks you can get a t-shirt, sticker, and a demo that includes 10 songs. A 5 song demo by Under the Influence and 5 songs selected at random by the band Simeon Soul Charger. Hope to see some of you guys this summer!