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Last night with Mark Sharp, a real fun night at the Paradise - great sounds, great performers - an honour to allowed on the same stage.

Distillers Arms

Just had a wonderful night at the Distillers Arms O/M enjoying some amazing soulful grooves; thanks everyone!

Twickenham Songwriters Circle

MJ featured @ Twickenham Songwriters Circle, The Fox Twickenham Thurs 25th 9.00pm!


Happy New Year 2016: song #1 up now “All Suck’d In”


Happy New Year to you all! See you 2016 ☺

New songs

Gonna be posting a new song every month. Look out for them! If you like one, please share ☺

SURBOSONG -River & Blues Festival of Voice

Here Sunday 11.00am to kickstart the show! http://www.surbitonfestival.co.uk/#!surbosong/c1bue


You can make contact now.. http://www.mandolinjack.com

Mandolin Jack US Tour

Back home after great US tour! Thanks to everyone who made it happen!

Lonesome Road

New CD available here: www.mandolinjack.com/music.html whooohoooo!!!!!