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Exclusive Interview with WWS Magazine

Jeah check out this link to a new track only here on http://wwsmag.com/updates/kace-cayne-flozilla/ Produced by Gho$t

Anonymous: The Mixtape! Download

Jeah, I dropped a mixtape again. haha It's bout time right? But back to the point, if you support my music click this download link


New shit in the works

jeah man its 1:39 am right now and im workin on this new mixtape as a prelude to my album and i gotta say its gon be dope as shit man...i got so many collabos man i gotta be thankful for that shit for real man god has blessed these people in my life for a reason but jeah back to business i know i was dropping a mixtape on thanksgiving but it wasnt finished.....it still isnt but theres a good reason why and you'll know next year as i start dropping random shit....stay posted

Like This....

yo whats up world? i've noticed that i'm doin' numbers(2,000 plays is big for me btw)on Reverbnation but something that's not matching is my likes on facebook my music page on has 41 likes on that bitch but i got like 1,000+ likes on my reverbnation page haha i'm not bitchin' i'm just saying lol shit heres a link to that mothafucka https://www.facebook.com/kacecayne4200 like that shit thanks i love y'all man i think imma do more of these blog thangs haha i got a lot to say that i haven't put in my music YET because idk if people are ready to see me in that light hmm who knows maybe i'll start posting more dark shit