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New blog spot site for all my lovely readers


Join me there to read my blogs! They will be worth your time through learning new philosophies and through entertainment :-P

Expansion through DJ Remixed Entertainment

As we grow our connect, your music expands! Will be making music with artists from Costa Rica, & Canada Soon. Expanding our team from Chicago & L.A. as well.

Current Tracks & Features: L.A. & Chicago -Quedense Quietos Midwest Remix by Abusivo ft PRism: PuertoRicanism (Beat by DJ Remixed: Peezy & Yo Homeboi Julius C.)

-My City by PRism ft Kyntero (Beat by DJ Remixed: Peezy & Yo Homeboi Julius C.)

Chicago -Egoista by PRism (Beat by Esbin Ramirez & DJ Remixed: Yo Homeboi Julius C. & Edited by Yo Homeboi Julius C.)

-Stand Up - Hold me down by PRism ft Reap, Lunatic the messiah, & Outbreak of NorthRock (Beat by Esbin Ramirez & DJ Remixed & Edited by Yo Homeboi Julius C.)

-Juke House by PRism ft Til Dawn & Mlaya Moves (Beat by DJ Remixed: Yo Homeboi Julius C.)

-Love you to death by PRism (Beat by DJ Remixed: Peezy)

Chicago & Massachusetts -La passion by PRism ft Freddy K & Ballistik (Beat by DJ Remixed: Peezy & Edited by Yo Homeboi Julius C.)

(DJ Remixed Entertainment is a music producing group connected with many talented artists, more tracks with more talented rappers will be coming soon. We sell beats so message me if you'd like to buy beats & btw all these tracks were edited by me, Yo Homeboi Julius C. CEO of DJ Remixed)

More heat coming soon!

Find PRism: PuertoRicanism, Kartel Kyntero, & Musica Abusiva @ www.reverbnation.com/puertoricanism www.reverbnation.com/abusivo www.reverbnation.com/kyntero www

DJ Remixed & PRism!

DJ Remixed has brought heat directly out of Chicago for everyone coast to coast! Songs by PRism are tracks our talented DJ Remixed Entertainment Producers have created for PRism on colabos with other artists. Please become a fan of PRism PuertoRicanism at www.reverbnation.com/puertoricanism and make sure you hit the like button!

DJ Remixed Entertainment is made up of talented music producers, so if you are an artists who needs to buy fresh new instrumentals, please send me a message here or email me at officialdjremixed@gmail.com

Thank you for your time! More tracks with PRism will be posted soon!

-Yo Homeboi Julius C. from DJ Remixed Entertainment

Always making music!

Have not had the chance to continue updating my music BUT new music coming soon from coast to coast with very talented rappers. Check it:

Coming Soon:

"Quedense Quietos" by Abusivo from L.A. ft PRism from Chicago, produced by Yo Homeboi Julius C. & Peezy (my cousin & I).

"Get ya weight up" by PRism: PuertoRicanism, produced by Peezy, edited by Yo Homeboi Julius C.

Next in line:

"What runs through my veins" by Yo Homeboi Julius C.

"Crushed" by PRism "Code of the Streets" by PRism "Stand up" by Chicago Mc's "Love that I bring" by Yo Homeboi Julius C.

Still making moves

Have not had the chance to continue remaking my work but I will soon. Sound engineering 3 tracks and producing an instrumental for a 4th track for 2 other artists. Those songs won't be posted here but I will post links to where they will be as soon as they are complete. Thanks for the patience, love, & support! Rise Above!

Remaking current work

I will be recreating the songs up on my page. Check out "Be My Lady" which is my latest work that I've completed. If you purchase any song and I happen to remake it better, feel free to message me here, myspace, facebook, or chitanian@gmail.com and I will personally give you the new version free in wave or mp3 format. Thank you all for your support.

Making Moves!

As you know this page is fairly new. I'd like to thank everyone for checking it out. I'm currently finalizing 2 more songs to post up before working on some new ones that I have in mind to create. It will take some time; I have to create the instrumentals, record the vocals then blend them in perfectly. In the midst of that, I will also be completing instrumentals for PRism (PuertoRicanism) so I got lots to do! Keep checking out our work and send me some feedback here or on facebook/myspace. Thank you for your time fam! Don't forget to check out the other artists I've recommended off my reverb page! -Yo Homeboi Julius C.