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I've been thinking a lot about a place called 'Whoville', and the idea that "a person is a person no matter how small". So I watched the Dr. Seuss movie "Horton Hears a Who!". I actually watched it several times :-)

(For those that have never seen this film, I highly recommend it)

Have you ever felt like your voice is not heard, or that no one believes you when you hear a sound? And though it may be quiet or small, you certainly know it is there.

I for one being soft spoken, have felt like I'm not always heard. Some of you may relate to this while some of you have no issue at all with speaking up regarding what's on your mind. But what if no one could hear you anyhow? Would you keep on talking or singing? What if it was a matter of life and death as it was for the Whos in Whoville? Would you speak up even louder or start playing a loud instrument like the drums? Pehaps it is that vital for our world and for all of us individually to feel heard.

As I pondered these things, I've noticed a common thread running through my music, from songs like "Looking Up" to a recently recorded song "THE RIVER", to the ideas of 'WHOVILLE".

I may always be a bit reserved, yet I'm learning to appreciate this as an attribute to my personality. Because the great big world has every sort of person and we need them all. It is my hope that we (including myself) all learn to listen, respect and love each and every person no matter how big or small or what they have to say.

Thank you all for listening and for being here and there :-)

with love,


Recent Awards and Recognitions:

"THE RIVER" receives a Bronze Medal in The 2017 Global Music Awards.

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I plan on releases a new EP, 5 songs or possibly more in January, 2018.

Please keep an eye and ear out for that :-)

GIGS: Clocktower Music Series

August, 19th Saturday

Host Jamie Purnell, The Keller Sisters and Martha Reich

676 Laurel Street

San Carlos, CA




When a seed is in it's shell, it's hard to know what it will become. If you buy flower or vegetable seeds from the store, you have an idea of what they will become since they're clearly labeled. And if you are an expert in the field, you know exactly what their destiny will be. Yet to me seeds are an incredible mystery. They start out as tiny dormant pods, each with it's own individual DNA, and they can become just about anything! Thoughts and ideas are seeds too, and when properly cultivated they are the source of how we create our lives and our world.

The musical seed was planted in me years ago. As a teenager I would lie on my bed and listen to the vinyl records as they spun the tunes of Elton John, The Beatles, Jim Croce, Bread, Dan Folgelberg and other favorites. I would listen carefully to every word they sang, and get lost in their stories put to music so beautifully. My mind and heart went to another world. When I was older I started going to Coffee Houses and open mics in the Boston area. I told myself this is what I wanted to do, if I only had the courage. I've played the guitar since I was 9 years old, learning classical, cover songs and then started to write poetry and my own songs. At first I could only play when no one was watching, but now I am doing just what I dreamed of so long ago. I perform all over the country and even internationally. I actually never imagined that I'd play much further than my local town :-)

Fast forward to many years later...

.... I've been given the opportunity to share my love of music by teaching songwriting to the young Navajo people of Ft. Defiance, AZ. This being just one of the classes available through a free music workshop series sponsored by the 'Native American Music Fund'. www.nativeamericanmusicfund.com There is something so magical about empowering children and young people to discover their own voices and creative outlets. Places where they can express their feelings and lifes' stories from their minds and hearts, and in this case, put them into words and music.

I've been planting seeds in the form of songs (and in gardens) for a very long time. Songs come from a very mysterious place, and you never know how a song will effect someone once they listen to it. So after sharing my harvest of songs over the years, I've recently had the honor of receiving some sweet and surprising awards for my 2 song EP 'PEACE HARVEST'. (2016 Global Music Awards Silver Medal winner, for outstanding achievement as an Emerging Artist and Protest Music, 2015 Southwest Independent Music Award winning Album and Folk Song, 2014 New Mexico Music Award winning Folk Song and Nominated for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards).

I will be taking 'PEACE HARVEST' on the road as I head to Portland, Bend, Ashland, OR., and to Carmel and Santa Cruz, CA. I won't be able to plant every seed, but with your help, we can plant a lot of them, a few at a time. If the conditions are just right, the seeds of songs (and those that come with the "PEACE HARVEST" EP :-)) will blossom into sunflowers all over the country, and into the inspiration for hope, healing and love. For this is what I've learned comes from music and songs from the heart.

Just as it takes all the elements to create a beautiful garden, it takes the generosity of beautiful friends and strangers to put together a grassroots music tour. I'm so grateful to all of you that have offered your homes, performances spaces, and come out to listen to live music, so I could sing and play my songs for you.

A portion of ticket sales from the concerts at New Renaissance Bookshop, Pilgrim's Way Community Bookstore & Secret Garden, and CD sales from 'PEACE HARVEST', will benefit the organization www.creativityforpeace.com

I look forward to seeing you out there and watching the flowers grow :-)

Thank you!

with love and Peace,


Podcast on KSFR 'LIVING FROM HAPPINESS' Guest Martha Reich.

Podcast on KSFR; Conversation and Music with host Melanie Harth and guest Martha Reich Braden.


2016 Global Music Awards: Silver Medal Winner: 'GOD'S EYES'!!

'GOD'S EYES' wins a Silver Medal for Outstanding Achievement, for Protest Music and Emerging Artist, in the 2016 Global Music Awards! www.globalmusicawards.com

2015 Southwest Independent Music Awards Winner!

Martha Reich wins 2015 Southwest IMA for Best Indie Folk Song "I'd Rather Be Surprised" and Best Indie Album "PEACE HARVEST"!

Received 3 Southwest Independent Music Awards Nominations!

Martha Reich receives 3 nominations from The Southwest Independent Music Awards! For Best Album "PEACE HARVEST", Best Female Indie Artist, and Best Indie Folk Song "I'D RATHER BE SURPRISED".Thank you so much to the person who nominated me! What an amazing honor and surprise!!! Thank you to the Southwest, for always being so supportive! Voting from the public and fans begins September 1st.

2014 New Mexico Music Awards Winner!

Martha Reich receives the award for "Best Folk Song," in the 2014 New Mexico Music Awards!!! After receiving nominations from the NMMA over the past 7 years ( which was wonderful too), it's extremely exciting to receive a win this time. Thank you so much NMMA, Jose and Kathleen Ponce, all of the judges, and to all of the fans and listeners and fellow musicians out there. Congratulations to all the nominees and finalists! There are so many talented musicians in New Mexico!

Best of 2013 on "Women of Substance Radio", #29 on top 100

Here is the playlist revealed. Congratulations to all the artists who made the countdown! 1 Social Potion - Drive Myself Home 2 Voodoo Highway - Bad Girl 3 Voodoo Highway - I Land On My Feet 4 Nitanee Paris (singer Allie Feder) - Watch Me Go 5 Fue - My Life Sings 6 Nitanee Paris (singer Allie Feder) - Ghost of The Mockingbird 7 Katie Garibaldi - Say The Word 8 Nitanee Paris (singer Allie Feder) - Wrong Side of History 9 Nikki Nash - Room For Me 10 Voodoo Highway - Why 11 Sasha Aaron - If I Could Make It Rain 12 Amy Susan Heard - This Day 13 McKenna Loren - It's Been So Long 14 Nitanee Paris (singer Scilla) - Like They Do In The Movies 15 Raina Krangle - Needle In The Hay 16 Nitanee Paris (singer Allie Feder) - The Lion Eats You Anyway 17 Darlene Bailey - Wrenches And Rags 18 McKenna Loren - You Can't Beat The City 19 Nitanee Paris & Dale Effren - You Gave Me Love 20 Debbie Williams - Unknown Entity 21 Katie Garibaldi - A Love Without Chains 22 Katie Cole - I Can't Wait 23 Justine Dorsey - Mama's Song 24 Voodoo Highway - Don't Go Lookin' For Trouble 25 Raina Krangle - Passing Me By 26 Lauren Anderson - Close 27 Sweet Crystal feat. Amy Susan Heard - Some People May Ask 28 Elizabeth Rogers - Breathe & Begin 29 MARTHA REICH-MOON RIVER 30 Callison Straton - My Own Berlin

Martha Reich's "Moon River" to be played on WOS Radio!

Martha's Version of "Moon River" was selected to be played on WOS Radio, "We Got You Covered" series, beginning November,13th Saturdays and Sundays 1-4 eastern time. When you hear Martha Reich's "Moon River", be sure you are signed in to Live365 and give her a “thumbs up” (on the computer) or a “like” (on the smart phone app) by clicking on the arrow at bottom right corner to “like” or give a “shout out” to the producer! http://www.wosradio.com Thanks to everyone for your continued support! :)

Music for the "Girls and Boys Club of Calgary".

Power and empowerment to the Girls and Boys of this world! I'm reaching out to you all to let you know I've been invited to do a show in Calgary, proceeds to benefit the "Girls and Boys Club of Calgary! I'll be performing on October, 5th in Calgary, CA. This will be the first of two performances to promote the strength and beauty of the girls and boys of this world and within ourselves. For Ticket info contact: Gail @ http://www.legendworksevents.com

John Dutton Theatre 616 MacLeod Trail SE Calgary, AB T2G Saturday, October 5th at 7:30pm $15.00 616 Macleod Trail SE Calgary, Alberta (Canada) Following the Conference with Gregg Braden, "The Turning Point". http://www.Greggbraden.com