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Perpetual Promotion "The New Virus or Therapy"

Years ago it seemed a very big deal to the masses to have something to sell and promote. Everyone looked to others for the trend or for the next big thing. To go platinum meant you were made. To have a website meant you were happening and in the now. With years passing before us, we find everyone has an idea, something to sell, or is just trying to give away their music. With myspace and facebook, everyone turned into a self proclaimed rockstar or believed themselves to be. Everyone has a website, so now it has become the norm. Even my six year old has a myspace page because he thinks he is a rockstar. LOL Information is so rampant and so many people are spreading it that we can't even sift through the spam, ads or spam for ads. We used to go down to the local bike shop to get a new bike seat or relace the tire. Now, we type it into Google and we have a thousand different choices. Most of which don't have anything to do with what we are searching for. We have all become like a big spawning sea of krill drifting in the technology current. To make things worse we have all started spamming on our own behalf. Why...because we are the next big thing...the next incrediboy or incredigirl..no, most of us have been hit with the inner rock or movie star disease. We all want to be admired. We all want to be the popular kid in high school. So instead of finding people in our local community we have chosen to sift through the sea of photoshopped pictures and plethra of fake or pseudo names. For what, to have more internet friends than the next person? Now it isn't being number one in reality, but more like being number one in virtual reality. With the internet we all worry so much about our computers catching a virus and crashing because most of us are guilty of becoming cyber whores. Instead of our computers, we now have the virus. We have become the internet self promoting, we don't need star mag anymore because this girl on the internet just tripped into the fountain on YOUTUBE, I have 3500 friends that don't check back with me because myspace is yesterday so the bird on the wire is chirping and so that is what I'm selling myself on now and facebook has taken over the universe so all praise if someone you will never meet or have anything in common with likes you...The New Human Race. Or..... in the end, are we all just venting using the planet's networks to vent, feel connected and stay out of therapy? As long as I have internet, my computer doesn't crash and I can be glued to a smart phone or computer screen...I do believe that therapy is not in my future. Where are all my "PEEPS"..on facebook..LOL Everybody say Hey..Ho..Hey...Ho!