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We've got 3 new songs far on the way! We also have a new studio to record with! We now have 7 SM-57s, a mac with pro tools on it (that we are working on to get up and running) we also have a new vocal pre-amp that is amazing along with two new vocal mics (an equitek 2, and a groove tube mic). So the futures looking good! Our songs to be recorded are Clovers, Tiny Dancer(No not by Elton John...) Victorious, Invisible(to be re-recorded), Don't throw rocks(to be re-recorded), You're with the stars, Chapter 2, Fooling around, look for you(possibly), and possibly hyde (originally written by Greg Neel (My cousin)) So we have our work cut out for us! We are also crossing our fingers for the chanche to play at warped tour so please give us your support!! -Hollis (with laurel reading over my shoulder...)


We have been hard at work with our practicing! We are ready to play anywhere now! If anyone has anything we'd be glad to hear from you! Avery got a new bass the other day and it is awesome! We've had several awesome practices since and everything is going great! Eric has a showcase today and he is playing August Burns Red's Carol of the Bells. -Hollis