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Here comes July... [gigs, jamming, etc]

So June has come and gone, and now July is here. This year has been flying by quicker than I expected. Last month was a good one, with a few gigs [even getting back to my roots playing a solo set at a punk rock club], continuing to host the open mic at Roast in Patchogue, and also getting together with Aaron Palmadessa of The Corduroy Sky to work out some new arrangements and possible recording plans.

July looks to be another busy month, as there are several gigs coming up, plenty of booking/random performances to be had, and as always, writing, writing, writing. A tip to any songwriters out there: never fight away any idea. Find a napkin scrap for lyrics if needed, any instrument that you can make work, or just hum out melodies in a pinch. If you pass on a good idea, you'll regret it (trust me, there' been plenty that've gotten away for me).

I'm off to look for fireworks in a few hour and some 4th of July entertainment. Keep tuned here for any new demos I may post and new gigs that pop up.

See ya around peeps, -Bryan

THe Month Of May: Thought It'd Be Slow, but nope

So I entered the month thinking it'd be a slow one, but it started busy and shows no signs of slowing down. I'm honestly starting to wake up not knowing what day it is some mornings (and no, it's not because of the drinks I had the night before). I'm learning that when you're a self-promoting independent artist, there is NEVER a slow moment. Now if only someone would engineer a coffee bean that had twice the caffeine with none of the adverse side effects, we'd really be rolling.

The month started with an awesome experience at Deepwell's Mansion in St. James opening up for Rebecca Jordan and Casey Abrams. Both artists were fantastic, and it was a treat to personally meet and chat with Rebecca (find out more at www.rebeccajordan.com). There should be a podcast of that show sometime soon posted on www.acousticlongisland.com .

Sunday the 15th I'm attending/performing at The Community ART Laboratory event run by The Art Lab in Sayville. (http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-ART-Lab/146250938762610) It should be a great time for anyone who's always thinking "outside of the box" and wants a place with good vibes and an opportunity to network/share ideas with other artists.

Two days after on the 17th I'll be at the Patchouge Theater with other LI musicians helping to celebrate Bob Dylan's 70th. The Zim himself will not be there in the flesh, but in spirit as we will perform his music to pay tribute to the man who birthed the 6 minute pop single. (http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=162107157187170)

The Friday night open mic that I'm hosting most every Friday at Roast Coffee and Tea Trading Co. in Patchogue has also been keeping me busy. Once again keep tuned to the FB artist page for updates on that. Come down and perform, it's always great to hear from new voices/musicians.

There's no other scheduled "gigs" just yet after that, but I'm always hitting up open mics at the drop of a hat, so keep posted on my FB artist page. "Like" it if you haven't already to get timely updates of where I'll be. A lot of songs have just been writing themselves lately, which is also a good thing, so keep tuned to the streaming audio on here as I'll probably be switching around what's streaming often. Like the Cars say, it's good to "shake it up".

Lastly, May was the ideal month where I'd finally get recording, publishing, and copywriting done for a first physical release, but not everything always goes according to plan. That'll all happen soon, but for now the best way for fans of my music to support me is to just come out and see me live. Let's rock it people!

Hope to see ya around, -Bryan

April updates...

So it's officially April. The weather in central LI certainly isn't making it feel as such, but it is. I get it Mother Nature.. April Fools... bring on the track-jacket weather already, sheesh.

Anyways, April should be an incredibly busy month for me. Beside having many personal things to attend (a rad bachelor party and the marriage of two of my dear friends), a lot will be going on musically. I don't have any full shows booked (as of yet, this could always change) but I'll always be hitting the open mics I am sure. Performing is a drug, and I'm an addict.

I've also been looking into how to go about recording my first official release. Still can't decide if I want to keep it EP length or now even go for the fences w/ a full LP. I'm terribly indecisive. But let it be known that something "official" is in the works and should be going full steam this month.

I was jamming with some buddies tonight, and I may be very close to having a solid rhythm section sooner than later. I'll finally be able to really rock the eff out.

All right peeps out there, keep posted all throughout to see what's going down. As always, I appreciate the support and you listening.

Keep it classy, -Bryan

New Open Mic (that I'm hosting) and Gig all next weekend, oh man!

So this upcoming weekend should be a good one. I'm going to start hosting a brand new Open Mic at Roast Coffee and Tea Trading Co. in Patchogue on Friday March 4th, and the following night (Saturday March 5th) I'll be there again playing a show starting at 8PM. Info about the shop can be found on their FB page - http://www.facebook.com/roastcoffeeandteatrading

The Open Mic will be a work in progress, but I am pretty sure I am looking to start sign up at 7PM, and then start the list anywhere between 7:15-7:30. Hopefully I can get this all rolling on time, as I don't get outta my day job until 6PM, and then have to travel a bit. There'll be limited spots (roughly 12), so if it fills up before you get a chance to sign on hopefully we can get you in the next time. I'm hoping this gives a platform for a lot of younger people I've been talking to lately to work up their performing chops, or even just get comfortable in front of an audience if they've never played in front of one before. I know I've grown as a performer/writer from utilizing open mic spaces, and I am hoping the same will be true for others who come down to Roast on Friday nights.

Awesome... now to decide on a ramshackle set-list for next Saturday's gig.

Here's hoping that we all cross paths sooner than later, -Bryan

Latest Updates

I'm working at wrangling up members for a full band, recording new demos, and getting all this internet stuff up and running. As you can see there is now a Reverb Nation page to follow me on (as of course, you are reading this blog right now) so everything should be compacted a little more neatly than it has been. Look for random upcoming shows and hopefully I can get some polished recordings in the can.

Make sure to "like" my Facebook Artist page for the most up to the minute updates, as I am known to hop into random open mics and play last minute at places.

Keep awesome people,