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Link Between You and Music

Everything has a link. The most important thing you get out of life, is seeing the beauty of things. The next most important thing in life is the beauty of hearing. That beauty is MUSIC. Music links us to people, places and things. Moments can truly be remembered by what you heard at that very moment when you were in the midst of any situation. Your first kiss, there was music (your heartbeat). Your first job, there was music(your surroundings). Your first everything was related to music because music is your soul. Music is the key link to everything in your life. Just remember the next time you cant get the right words across to someone, find the right song to link your emotions too.

The Heart of Music

Sometimes the world is at such a fast pace until we dont realize that everything stops for at least a slight second. It is still. It is sound. It is evolving. No birds singing, leaves falling, no wind blowing. But if you stay still long enough, you will hear...your heart. Its beating, the perfect tempo for the perfect song. You see even if there is no sound, the heart is still rejoicing to beat of the song thats playing within. Only then a true artist has realized the passion of the music. It flows through your blood stream and its what you inhale and exhale. Are you the artiist that cant live a day without music? Real Music? I AM

The Days of the Fallen Legends

It seem as though all of the real music legends are leaving this world. Therefore most of the soul has left with them. Its sad to say that many artist are not creating music with meaning. What will our future be left to listen to? That creates a problem for me. My solution is to put my all into my music, my heart and my soul. I want someone to listen to my music and remember exactly what they were doing when my music went through their veins. Thats real music. So my question to many artist of soul and r&b, will you be a legend one day that the world will reflect on or will you be just another sound that flows out of the stereo?