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Cult Of Dionysis / Blog


In March 2011 I announced that Michael "Metaliclops" Reece had rejoined the Cult of Dionysis. Now I have to follow up a month later with the truly shitty news that once again, this band is parting ways with Michael Reece.

It is unfortunate for everyone, because Mike is an amazing talent. His latest contributions to the band were nothing short of spectacular. As of March 2011, by all indications it appeared he was once again completely focused on his dedication to music.

I found out just last night that Mike has been arrested and is now in jail. There is no determination of when or if he will be released anytime soon.

As many of you will remember, Mike joined the band in 2008 and was let go about this time last year in Spring 2010. Mike had personal problems and he let them interfere with the band. Long story short, we ultimately decided it was best to let him go.

In January 2011 we gave Mike a 2nd chance, and everything seemed to be going great with him working his way back into the band. Now it appears my brothers and I made a bad judgment call. In light of what has happened recently we're very hurt and disappointed by Micheal's actions.

I won't go into the details of the situation because I don't know all the facts, but what I do know to be true is already enough to deeply disturb me. It seems the best approach is to let the chips fall where they may and Mike can answer for himself regarding his own actions.

Huff, Scott, and I have a band to run and we have big plans in store for Spring, Summer, and Fall 2011. We cannot work work with a person who is in and out of jail on a constant basis, and the Cult of Dionysis is going to have to move forward into the future without Michael Reece.

Truthfully, I hope Mike finds some kind of salvation through all this. It is my sincere desire that he will come to terms with his problems and figure out some way to live a wiser, more productive lifestyle free from incarceration.

All that being firmly stated...The show must go on.

I'm a "The bong is half full" kinda guy. Fuck the bullshit, lets crank some metal.

Get ready because it looks like we have yet another brand new Metalcult lineup to debut at INDEPENDENCE METAL REVOLUTION on May 30, 2011!



Ladies and Gentlemen, Brothers and Sisters, Metalcult Devotees One and All...the time has come to announce unto planet earth the secret identity of the new Cult of Dionysis Lead Guitarist.

Michael Reece has reclaimed this position! Huff, Scott, and I are so very proud of our brethren Metaliclops for working his ass off to make this a reality.

Mike is the guy who jumped on board the Cult of Dionysis in July 2008 after I had to rebuild this band for the first time. He helped get the Metalcult rolling, and is also a major contributor in creating the majority of the material that was recorded on the Alchemy album.

In April 2011 the band parted ways with Mike, and it truly is miraculous that he is back. It seems very fitting that the gods have returned him to us, and I praise them in their mercy for bringing him home.

Now hear this: GET READY! Mike has actually been working with us in secret since January, and has been essential in the creation of our new material and more extreme metal sound.


Sincerely, Dionysis


Brothers and Sisters of Metalcult prepareth... THE RESURRECTION OF THE CULT OF DIONYSIS IS COMING!

The band lost three members in 2010. By the grace of the gods and our fans, and also a with little help from our friends...the Metalcult survived. EXTRA SPECIAL MEGA MONSTER THANX to my brothers in the band; James Huff (Bass/Vocals) and Scott Mays (Guitars).

Once again, there is a changing of the Metalcult guard. Since January we've been working with a mystery guitarist, and we are confident this person has what it takes to command the position of Metalcult Lead Guitarist. I'm not prepared to make an announcement yet, but stay tuned.

We've also been talking to a wide range of potential lead vocalist candidates, and have recently narrowed our selections. Just to keep everybody in suspense, that's all I have to say about the new Cult of Dionysis lineup for the moment.

NEW MUSIC IN 2011: Anytime you lose band members you run the risk of eliminating a certain aspect of your group's sound. Our fans are honest with us and I would not have it any other way. After losing so many essential elements last year, some long time Metalcult followers have asked us normal, logical questions, like "will you keep playing Alchemy songs?", "has the band's sound changed?", and "what's the new music like?"...

My fellow metal heads, fear not! This band is going to continue to perform the songs you know and love from Alchemy. And all the new material we've written definitely captures the essence of that old school sound our faithful friends from way back have grown to love. However, we've also amped things up a bit with a dual axe attack, and have incorporated some new elements, which has resulted in something of an "evolution" for the band.

So for those with inquiring minds, maybe think "Alchemy", times two, mixed in with some crazy shit you never even thought of before, all rolled into one huge funky stank blunt, lighted up, in your face, ready to inhale...

If you can imagine that, this is what the band sounds like now.

Seriously though, I can promise you this much, no bullshit: when we return to the live stage in 2011 you will witness a truly resurrected Cult of Dionysis with a whole new level of aggression and metallic energy.

Ok, I'm out. Holla with questions, comments, insults, the usual. Another blog, and more info about the trials and tribulations of the Cult of Dionysis coming March 2011!

Insane in the membrane, D

Black Lung Denver
Black Lung Denver  (over 5 years ago)

my pain grew so much sad-ness that my lung's felt restricted your thoyghts sent chill's down my back
co's i'm down with the devil! i grip myself for the sum-lit world gypsy eye's of fate satan is in the shadow's action's unleashed your reign of horror the absurd heroic emptiness a evil existance look out wake up i see outlaw's-Julian