Getting started....again.

So it's been a while since we have posted anything but that's because we were busy looking for a new rhythm guitarist and working on new material and playing XBOX lol, but anyways things are getting started again, we have someone right now doing rhythm but that's all i'll say for now on that matter, we do have a show booked, finally, for the 1st of September at the Cobalt Cafe in Canoga Park so come on down and let us know what you think of us, good things only please lol. The last thing i'll mention is that we are currently in the works of getting some new songs recorded so as soon as we get that done we'll post them up and hopefully you'll like what you hear, well see ya for now hope to see some of you September 1st at the Cobalt Cafe, see ya! -Freddy

The Whiskey 4/10/2011

Hey, so last night was awesome for us. We got to the whiskey and did our sound check and i was surprised with the respond.(It was good. we played Black Lagoon)The night went on and we ate at Dukes next door, really good food there if you're ever in the area. The rest of the night up until we had to perform was filled with nervousness, well at least it was for me (Freddy) but once we got up on that stage it all went away, especially when the beautiful Metal Sanaz came up to announce us. After that we ripped into Ravaged and after that it was just a blur to me, i was so in the moment that i couldnt really remember the rest. But in the end we got some positive feedback from people and it turned out to be a great night. Thank you to all that came and supported us and to those who helped us lug our shit around. Till net time, see ya!

The Cobalt 3/12/2011

So, the Cobalt show came and went. It went pretty well exept for the fact that our singer didn't show up for the show thus causing us to do an instrumental show instead. We are now in need of a singer so if anybody is interested then hit us up. The show was pretty good though and then i ran into a problem before we even started, my guitar ceased to work so luckly Rob brought an extra (thanx Rob), once i straped on Rob's guitar we got started, i had to step up and do the talking on the mic, it was really weird because im not use to that but it worked out well. We got trough our songs fine, no broken strings or sticks or anything and at the end of the show we got some good feedback by the people in attendance. So all in all it was a good night, now we move forward and prepare for our next show in april. (The Whiskey) Thank you to all who made it out and to all the kind words from the people that approched us. Set list: Blood Chapel Angry Again (Megadeth) As One Ravaged Bloodlust

On Revernation

So we are on this site now, we really dig it, it looks like it can really help us out a lot. Well we are currently getting ready for our upcoming shows and also writing new songs. With all the rain coming down it sorta halted our band practices a bit but we'll get back to it in a day or two. Cold weather sucks but the rain is awesome.