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Ash St. Saloon

Thanks to everyone who came out to support the homies at Ash St. Saloon on Tuesday night. Passed out a bunch of demos to those in attendance and made a few new friends.

And several enemies as well.

Just kidding. All of our enemies are already dead, because we've slain them with our fists.

Anyway,we were watching some "COPS" today -- as we often do --and at the conclusion of the episode, something terrible happened.

"America's Funniest Home Videos" appeared on the screen. Not a Saget episode, mind you. It was a BERGERON episode. Naturally, we changed the channel immediately and resumed talking about who would win in a fight if the members of Rush fought three randomly selected members of the Justice League.

Suddenly, we all looked back at the TV at the same time. Somehow Bergeron had made his way back on our screen. There he was, babbling on about something incredibly stupid.

Startled, I fumbled with the remote, rationalizing that I had simply failed to change the channel in my first attempt. On the contrary, dear friends, I had indeed changed the channel. User error was not the source of our pain.

Rather, the cruel truth that we all came to realize was this: Bergeron-hosted AFV was simply on two channels simultaneously, and we had somehow stumbled across both broadcasts at once.

This will be our last blog entry, as we will all now need to prepare for the Apocalypse and the coming of the dark lord Gozer. Enjoy the end of days, everyone.


Joe Markgraf
Joe Markgraf  (over 6 years ago)

Great show guys and gal! All Hail Gozer, Destroyer of Worlds!

Langano Show

Great show the other night at Langano Lounge...thanks to all who came out! Really nice folks there, and not a bad turnout. Hope to see y'all at the Ash St. show!