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Sorrow of mine eye, won't you drown me in the beauty of security. Bless me with the sanctions of love, tear me with the hope of the slaves and tell me there is an end to this captivity in the chamber where my blood dwells. Promise the words that fall upon deaf ears can heal the wound that tore holes in the penance of the dead. May the nail that closes my sarcophogus hold no more and give birth to the creature that eats away at my chest.


You stay in my head, sweet sorrow from hearts you dread; locked gun with a barrel pointed towards the floor, it lets you know you can't take it anymore. Fall forward towards your goal but when its gone is it worth it anymore... kill that inhibition thats fakes a sweat... can it continue as the barrel falls higher towards our sky, so I plead... please don't take my this lie away

Lets make

Something beautiful together =]