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New Record and Radical Contest!

As you all know we are about to drop our new record , "Rock N Roll Death Machine", on April 7th at the second annual Stik Fest. As we prepare to unleash even more evil than the Necronomicon we are cooking up a mystic contest for all of you who pre-order the new record. One of the first twenty creeps who pre-order the new album will win a guitar that was owned by two members of the band. Now before you think you are getting a shiny new Les Paul Studio let us break it down. This guitar is not fit to play any music on at all. It was Hero's first guitar and in his youth he never played it he just put stickers on it and trashed it. Later when he met Chris Steele Aka Steele Christ he gave it to him and later Chris gave it back because it sucked. So you are probably wondering why were giving a useless guitar away. Before you call us jerks and reject the idea of winning this guitar let us tell you of the mystical incantations we have blessed it with. This guitar has been signed in the blood of all of us, or maybe paint, you be the judge of that. In signing it with our blood we are guaranteeing that it will make you stronger, sexier, smarter, and just all around more badass! We know all Alucard fans already possess these traits but we guarantee this guitar will enhance them. Alucard rules and you guys rule so you know this shit is gonna rule! Pre-orders will be up asap so keep a lookout!!!!!!!!!!