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Hey guys its Max, there hasn't been a lot of blog posts lately so I guess I'd chime in and say something. Anyways, our music has taken an interesting turn lately. It's been awesome watching our sound change from its punk beginnings to a more laid back, Jack Johnson/ DMB sound. Another great influence that we've had are all of the up and coming bands on the radio. Every one of us LOVES Foster the People. Mark Foster is an amazing song writer and we've even experimented with a couple of his songwriting techniques. Another band that has greatly influenced and inspired us is Young the Giant. I've loved watching them rise to fame with "My Body." I've even tried sampling a couple of their guitar sounds. Anyways, just checking in telling you how our music has changed. It's interesting to see how a relaxing summer can change people's songwriting and expressions of themselves. Another thing, people have been constantly contacting us asking us to do gigs, but we're ALWAYS open to do more!!!! We will pretty much play anywhere right now. Thanks for all the support! -Max

New Beginning

Hey its Wilson from Something Simple. Im not that into blogs but was suggested to do one so what the hell! We are selling songs in our store so PLEASE purchase one. you will love them I promise :) Recording alot of new stuff so check us out as the Dead Wood Splinters on youtube or Something simple on FB and Myspace! Thanks- Wilson