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Hanging With Walt Disney 08/19/12

First Week In Orlando.. What Can I Say... I Love IT... Been To Some crazy Ass Events .... Got Smashed on SOme Amazing Dubis but still feeling a tad disturbed .... Finally Got An Idea Of The sound At LEast lol .... Monkey Bizness Seems To Still Be An Amazing Work In Progress and i Love ... Decided To Not Erase The Past But FixIt Which I Dont Do Well. But No NO REally Understands Me Musically Like The Kidd... (Random) Cant Wait TO finish That Project.. Alot Of People Are ALready Prassing The Sound lol Love it... WEll idk it was Really FUn Just Getting That Off MY Chest..

Make SUre YOu All STay Tuned.......



What Can I say, Life has brought me to a place where i dont really understand like i really want to understand but i really cant. my emotions only drag me deeper into this abyss and im trying to keep my head above the water but i cant. idk the ones i trusted with my soul, aloud it to parish in the distance. its just me and the music, that seems to be the only thing that really has my back.......


hey everyone whats been going on, its ya boy CS just sharing some great news with you guys. Idk how many of you are excited about spring semester but im going insane to start. ive dedicated my spring semester to a project that is dear to me heart. Rage Against The Machine is the new ep that im working on. It will be a 9 track diary into my life in 2011. Yeah i know a lil personal but it was a year fill with epic proportions. Walking through valleys of shadows and sandy sunny beaches filled my 2011 calendar as i searched to find myself again. Im pretty excited lol so hopefully it become a beacon of hope for those who felt the road was almost over for them.

so yeah lol had to blog .. Much Love Everyone CS

Waking Up In 2011

after years of just making music for the hell of it many family , friends and just random people always wondered why i never presented it to the world.. what the worst that can happen right someone not like it but hey thats life right... so in 2011 i guess im taking it to the next level.... im just gonna make it and hope u like it and if not i just deal with it