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11 Days Left Till We Start Our Residency @ Xo Lounge in Philadelphia


OBSTACLES by Of The Sea - Now Airing On - Times Square New York NGRA Radio 101.0 fm , Radio Submit and IM RADIO

" LOST " -Now Airing On Satellite Radio -

" LOST " - Now Airing On Satellite Radio http://www.radiosubmit.com/rs/ofthesea/forum/

Of The Sea

Good afternoon, and Greetings from Philadelphia and New York. On Behalf - Of The Sea - We would like to thank you for your support throughout the years. We're here to ask if you would kindly stop by our Facebook page to give our page a like to gain more likes for a possible up and coming Endorsement / Sponsorship program to support our up coming shows for 2014 - Once again thank you and we'll see you all on the road soon. Of The Sea -https://www.facebook.com/oftheseamusic?ref=stream