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Music in making

Many of LIVE performances, especially those with house bands are moments of making music recorded LIVE. Often my musician friends haven't rehearsed song at all and that is why I love those magic moments, those wonderful musician friends and wonderful audience that happened to be there to witness it all. Sincerely CROATiAN Sensation VJ

Thanks to all my fellow musicians

Most of these videos are done with my fellow musicians playing these songs first or second time, I greet their passion and courage, musicianship and ears. Thank you all for making me feel my music is worth something, cause magic I felt playing with you all is one unforgettable sensation. And thank you for calling me Croatian Sensation, which was another compliment I got from you. You made me feel like one, even true Croatian Sensations are always been great Croatian people that whole World knows about, but you made Alaska my World and I am forever grateful. Sincerely CROATiAN Sensation VJ

Revernation charts: 1. CROATiAN Sensation LADY KiLLERS BAND - Anchorage, AK

March 15th - Nov 30th, 2011 Thanks to all family, friends and those that love us, or me :)

CROATiAN Sensation VJ
CROATiAN Sensation VJ  (over 5 years ago)

Locally :), but still Yupiee!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy New Year 2012, CROATiAN Sensation VJ

12000+ views at Myspace in 3 yrs

CROATiAN Sensation LADY Killers Band hits over 12000 views in 3 years at Myspace. Huge accomplishment for small and unknown band!!! My BIG THANKS go to my family, friends, my musician friends that are part of it all and all the fans. I believe in it with my whole heart, everyone shall check it out, it is sincere and honest music about LOVE. Vedran aka CROATiAN Sensation VJ

10000+ views at Myspace

CROATiAN Sensation LADY Killers Band hits over 10000 views in less than 33 months at myspace. Huge accomplishment!!! My BIG THANKS go to my family, friends, my musician friends that are part of it all and all the fans. I believe in it with my whole heart, everyone shall check it out, it is sincere and honest music about LOVE. Vedran aka CROATiAN Sensation VJ

Wishing you all a great Easter and success with your music

I keep on telling my friends and family that there are lots of places to listen and find great music and that www.reverbnation.com is one of good places to find a jewels in music that no one wants to admit in main stream music industry as that good to be heard. The best in any human creative field comes out of love for something without thinking of the price to achieve it. All the tools available today are not serving the quality of showing true musicianship and great music and talent that exits there. We are made to listen and hear what someone else think is good. However, I believe time will come where we'll all be educated enough to recognize the true talent and great sounds, arrangements and artists. Time is on our side, on a side of real things... CROATiAN Sensation VJ

Crime in Hague committed against ALL people of the Republic of Croatia

Croatia must reject joining EU, stand up together as one, showing respect for all Croatian citizens and the part of the World that is our friend. We are educated, civilized, hard working and honest people. Those who lived, worked and shared life with us k...now us. I personally reject the Hague's decision and ask all Croatians in the World to show dignity and walk proud wherever we are. We defended our families, land and right to live free. And we shall continue to continue to do so!!! God Bless, Vedran Jukic

CROATiAN Sensation VJ
CROATiAN Sensation VJ  (about 6 years ago)

When I wrote this blog above I really had a personal moment in my mind with justice system that sometime can go berserk.
Now that I have calmed down and run into this blog, I am finding it really interesting because I forgot to add something really important.
Important part is this, that more tough to get in EU is the better will be for Croatia at the end.
There are so many things our culture has to overcome.
One thing that comes to mind is being humble.
After that diligent, never stop listening and learning and our sunny days will come.
Come to Croatia, you will not be disappointed, meet real Croatian people and then you'll understand.
We are bit on a proud side cause most of us have lived very hard life so lot of time there is bit of resentment that we try to cover by showing off a lot.
CROATiAN Sensation VJ

These Days I am sharing all my songs

One never knows when exactly is the right moment for anything. I think the best is to behave like it is now. So here I go with uploading majority of music I have ever done. You need be patient with me since I have so many songs and not all recordings are of good quality so I've been sorting things. Tell others if you like it and tell me if you don't. Thank you, CROATiAN Sensation VJ

EP Project - CROATiAN Sensation VJ

Currently working on EP project that will be released in Fall of 2011. I am thankful for the opportunity to present my music that I believe many of you will enjoy and keep coming back to in years to come. Sincerely CROATiAN Sensation VJ croatiansensationfb@hotmail.com