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The next single off "The Front Line"

Get your cameras & imagination ready, I will be releasing the 2nd single off "The Front Line" titled "Picture That" Produced By. JB This is the type of hip hop track you people have been anticipating for, I delivered and captured the moment really well. be on the lookout for it!

Booking/Collab Info

Email - renteria_9@yahoo.com (Please let me know if you have sent me something, I don't regularly use email) Facebook.com/LilEinstein Or Search: Lil Einstein Sharebeast, hulkshare, Etc.

Road To The Front Line

With the last few months to come for my debut album "The Front Line" to release viral and being able to be purchased at local stores, they're will possibly be a push back for the album. I have decided to release 2 mixtapes before the album release, one titled "Nobody Starts Big, Respect Mine" & "Mature Enough" they will both contain 4 tracks each, I will also be making videos for EVERY song. I could tell that people just WANT my album already due to many push backs & recognition over the last year, but now, I want to make you & them feel that you NEED IT. Don't know when the official date will be if I decide to do this. May not change. As for now be on the lookout for brand new hot material! 2 mixtapes + music videos!

Me, Myself, & I, Leonel Renteria (Lil Einstein)

I have had this account for about 4 days & I have to say I am amazed of all the positive feedback I am getting from artists around the states. You know who you guys are, It's truely amazing how my music can touch people or motivate you such as my song "Don't Give Up". I am a teenager currently living in Mount Vernon, Wa. & this is what I love to do, it's what I'm best at in this cold chilling life. I spend countless nights staying up writing new material or practicing new material, I'm glad where I am at this point, when I first created this account I was ranked #97 3 days later I'm #4, I really can't thank all you guys enough if what you made me become on here. I'm doing this for myself, I'm also doing this for my dad that passed away when I was 12. If you want to anything else about me such as basics, collabs,etc feel free to send me a message,that also includes bookings, I will also listen to your music as well. All Love, Hatred for none. - Lil Einstein