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Write up about FRAGMENTA in DARWIN!

Out from the misty skies and the fiery earth, Fragmenta emerged once more! Despite a massive line-up shuffle, a late member withdrawal and two near deaths, the brothers of Fragmenta rose to the occasion and took on the Happy Yess in Darwin on a fittingly, Friday the 13th of April. This was Fragmenta’s first gig in several months, Damo’s first ever Fragmenta gig and the re-joined Zach’s first Fragmenta gig in several years. The weeks and months of practice the three put in, paid off immensely as Fragmenta tore the roof out with two fast, crunching, heavy setlists. The night began with the all ages gig with five bands performing; Fragmenta in spot three. With a couple difficulties arising with the sound, Fragmenta almost treated the set as a warm up gig (As did several of the other bands). Warm up or not, Fragmenta still displayed an energetic performance, blasting out five songs in the time provided. This featured Damo’s ‘ninja image’ in which he sparked up the audience with some…let’s say ‘ninja strategies’ and Duncan having a great time with his guitar on the stage floor.

As the boys sat back with a beer in hand watching the very peculiar Aborted Jesus Milkshake and the explosive hosts F.E.M.A, they re-energised and psyched themselves back up for the second set. Once the over 18’s part of the night set off, the audience grew, as did the drinks. Once again at spot three, Fragmenta were to come out all guns blazing. As the lights were dimmed, the intro sample to ‘River of Fear’ began, giving a suspenseful half a minute. Duncan’s shout of “Motherfuckers!!” kick started the set as the thrash trio joined into the intro right before a mind crushingly riff performed by Duncan. Already there was a 500% improvement from the all ages set as they launched into ‘Throwdown’. Next up, perhaps Fragmenta’s signature track; ‘Pandemonium’. The reception of the audience started right here as the headbanger’s showed themselves. At the end of this track, Duncan introduced the next song, ‘Merchants of Doom’, as a reminder of how corrupt some media programs can be, with a specific one in mind. Whether Fragmenta played today, tonight or tomorrow, they would perfectly thrash this track out every single time; which is just what they did at the Happy Yess.

With five minutes to spare, one of the stronger tracks on their first album Sedition was brought out. ‘Corpse Platoon’, really brought the house down for this gig. Duncan’s melting solos were spot on, Zach’s thunderous bass shook the earth and new member Damo on the drums didn't disappoint in the slightest on the drumstool. Fragmenta’s set ended with a bang as the trio cooled down from the scorching heat while receiving much praise from peers and fans. Fragmenta was a highlight of the night, along with fellow thrashers F.E.M.A, who put on an exceptional performance. This was a gig to remember, in the new era of Fragmenta. Watch this space!