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Another female fronted band was next to take the State Theater stage and they call themselves after their lead vocalist, who

is Virginia Rose. With her matching, firey red locks complimenting her red dress for this performance, it was clear where the

focus needed to be! This vocal firehouse is backed by a six piece band that means business where sound and song layout are

concerned, they alter their song style to cover things in variety but still maintain their unique sound and vocal styles. The

lovely Virginia has written everything original this band performs, as she has written music since she as ten years old!

Ms. Rose haunts vocally in the style of Amy Lee within the Evanescence camp and in a similar style to most of the harder

selections this line up offers any audience. Their single 'Wake up,' was a rather large hit with the panelists for the event, and

with the library they pack this band is another merely at the starting gate. We all will hear more from Virginia Rose Band

regionally and that is a guarantee, this band is a family and what the band requires comes first with these members. The

entire scene up there is a huge family and to be welcomed in such a warming fashion only confirms that fact. These bands

succeed together in their region and it shows on the stage!

Their one guitarist had joined the band only one full week prior to this date and unless they told you this, you would have

absolutely no clue in their performance, it just works and will take off from here. Remember Virginia Rose Band, because you

will hear this name and band for years to come! Sample Virginia Rose here.

Check all things Virginia Rose: https://www.facebook.com/VirginiaRoseBand https://www.facebook.com/VirginiaRoseBand/app_2405167945 http://www.reverbnation.com/virginiaroseband