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Texas Trillology - Keepin Texas Trill

What's up to all my Fans, Gangstas, Pimps and Hustlas. I know it's been a long time since you’ve heard from ya bOY, but ain’t much changed. I’m still on the grind, still chasing money and this music, you know, still the same Ol’ G. But hey, like they say, time marches on! A lot has happened since we last chopped it up! Let me hit fast forward & brang you up to speed A few mix-tape appearances & countless songs later; I've developed my own label, "Grown Maan Entertainment Inc." Specializing in Down South local talent and artists soon to be unleashed to bring some fresh Texas Flava to ya ears. I’ve been grinding on my Solo Album, "Texas Trillology", release date TBA. For those of you who are asking what happened to LHG? The answer is, I am still a part of LHG and we are still affiliated. The group is going strong and producing many hot tracks. I am excited to continue chopping it up with LHG, as well as work on my solo project. ** Texas Trillology The Album ** Texas Trillology is a lyrical story of my life as a Gangsta, a Thug, a Hustla, whatever you want to call me. Tracks such as, ‘Big Money’ represent Keepin’ it Trill the only way I know how, even if it takes me out the game. Through the highs, the lows, the bullshit dealt with from dem alphabet boys, jackaz, snitches, hataz, even ya family and friends while in these streets. Texas Trillology speaks to the heartbeat and the truth out here in these streets. There is truly something for everyone on this album. From the ups and downs with ya girl(s) or even ya baby momma(s). SAY, keep it gangsta!. Step into My World, deep in the heart land of Texas and live my life through Texas Trillology. Texas Trillology - release date TBA - Dreaming - Big Money - Bouncing Up & Down - Outlaw - Drinks On Me - Don't Mean A Thing - Desire - Girl Come Home With Me - It Ain't Over - My Time - 10 Toes Down To get YOUR SNEAK PEAK at a few songs from "Texas Trillology", vote and even leave opinions for the HOTTEST song(s)! http://apps.facebook.com/voycerapp/voting/8025 To stay up-to-date with fan exclusive downloads, release dates, shows, tour dates, appearances, parties, ect! http://www.reverbnation.com/JbOY52