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Dallas Girl feat Jaems IV

You can now buy Dallas Girl feat Jaems IV by Jamaar The Funk Junky on ITUNES, AMAZON AND RHAPSODY!!!!!!!

The 7th Annual Texas Music Conference July17th-July19th

http://www.texassummermusicconference.com/home.html Jamaar "The Funk Junky" performing his New Hit Single Dallas Girl (r&b version) feat JAEMS IV @ The 2009 7th Annual Texas Music Conference July 17th-July19 www.myspace.com/jkmusikk www.myspace.com/jkmusicproductions www.myspace.com/jaemsiv http://www.texassummermusicconference.com/home.html http://www.texassummermusicconference.com/home.html $40 Pre Sale: $50 July 5 - 16th: $60 Walk up:

Upcoming Artist; KEEP IT FUNKYYY!!!!!

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