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New Website!

I have a new website that i started earlier in the week. I am really happy with the progress it has made in just a few days! We have some pretty awesome discussions happening right now! The website is country music oriented! It is designed for country/bluegrass fans, artists, songwriters and so on!

If you are a fan, I am hoping to get opinions on what makes your favorite songs your favorites! What makes Bluegrass WORK or not work. Things like that! Since I am a country/bluegrass songwriter, its is good to know what people LOVE in their music!

If you are an artist, songwriter, and such, Please use this as free advertisement for your music! You can connect with fans and join in on discussions! Plus it adds to your hits on Google :)

This site is new but its growing! :)

I Hope to see you there!! Thank you for all of your support!

-Jodi Ann

Visit Jodi Ann's Music Place: www.jodiannfanclub.ning.com

Newsletter 2/11/08

Finally! Jodi Ann -The Beginning is no longer just for promotional use! Pick up your copy today at: www.cdbaby.com/cd/jodiann News: Jodi Ann is at #4 in the USA!! Hardcoremix.com is one of the largest internet radio sites on the web. This week, Jodi Ann - Second Chances is at #4 (all music styles!) Dont forget to call in your requests and get this song to #1 :) LasT week, Jodi Ann -I Wish You Could Have Been Here, Entered the top 40 in Ireland. This week, It made the top 30! Thank You for your love and continued support! Life is a journey. Thank you for riding along with me! Love me, Always -Jodi Ann If youd like to sgn up to recieve newsletters directly to your email, Then e-mail me! ibelieveja@aol.com

Jodi Ann- Featured Artist on Worldwide Broadcast

Im going to be on the radio/internet as the featured artist! Please mark your calender for this Sunday Jan. 27th 2008 at 2pm Eastern Standard time. Along with listening to live broadcast, there will be a chatroom set up for comments and questions. of course Ill be there! www.aiiradio.net I want to thank all the DJs who have been playing my songs on the air. Dukerider-from Sydney,AU Emma Cherry- The Monday Mix - UK Andy (aiir)Yorkie-Coming soon! Here is some corospondance from th e DJ and myself: I have got quite a few of your songs from myspace and webs.com and have heard your songs. Man you have a great tallent. Can't wait for Sunday now and I sure hope you can join us at http://www.aiiradio.net. The show will be around 2pm eastern Standard time. hey Jodi I have 7 tunes of yours from various sources that you are involved with. The songs I have are Freedom, Stumbling back in time (which is my favourite by the way) Second Chances, Leaving you highway, I can't lie anymore, restless heart and wish you could have. I like all these tunes you have a very personal way of delivering the song which touches the heart strings. I am always on the lookout for more tunes lol, not that I'm a greedy DJ lol. I will be playing all these tunes on Sundays show. Just to remind you again, it will be going out at 2pm Eastern Standard Time which is 7pm UK time. The show won't start directly with you, but about an hour into it as I run for three hours and cram a lot into that small time slot. Along with your music, there will be my rather British humour, funny news from around the world, not to serious horoscopes, meant to be taken as fun and nothing else and other music from around the globe. I am hoping to attract a big audience for your special, judging from your myspace page and your fan base, i don't think that will ben too hard either. It is kinda exciting for me to have a tallent such as yours so when I get one, I tend to run with it at full pelt so to speek and see where it takes me. fasten your seatbelt as they say, it's gonna be a fun ride for all of us i think Take care and thanks again for your music. Hope you liked the promo and the pictures, Andy (Yorkie)